Scotland-shaped cloud welcomes traveller back to Scotland


A TRAVELLER reckons she was welcomed back to Scotland – by a Scotland-shaped cloud.

Jill Taylor took the photo from the window of her plane as she flew home last week and shared the image online.

The outline of Scotland can clearly be seen from the cloud’s shape, with the north of England and an area that could be Wales clearly visible.

There’s even a small patch of cloud on the left-hand side which could be Ireland, however, much of the south of England appears have blown away, with no real sign of London anywhere in the cloud formation.

She shared the picture on Facebook last Saturday with the caption: “Travelling back home to Scotland and don’t you think this looks a bit like Scotland in the clouds?”

The cloud was spotted from above
The cloud was spotted from above

Jan Mcfarlane replied: “Aye, even have the Hebrides too.”

Michael Moriarty commented: “You are not wrong!”

Whilst Al Shaw said: “And England and Ireland too!”

Others were quick to point out that the picture was particularly suitable, given that she was on her flight home.

Bruce Taylor said: “You couldn’t get a more perfect homecoming lol.”

Elizabeth Clark agreed, saying: “That is what I call a welcome home message.”