Rory Bremner condemns security “misery” at Edinburgh Airport


COMEDIAN Rory Bremner took to Twitter to condemn Edinburgh Airport over security-related delays.

The Scots impressionist posted a picture of lengthy queues at the airport, which he accused of inflicting “misery” on travellers.

Bremner, 55, tweeted his 60,000 followers yesterday (Sun) morning: “@EDI_Airport security inflicting its usual misery on passengers.”

He added: “3/6 lanes shut. Poor system, badly managed. #fail”.

Bremner’s anger was shared by food critic Jay Rayner, who later tweeted: “Balls. B*******. W***. B*****. Toss. Hour’s delay at Edinburgh Airport. Whining about your problems to strangers: the true purpose of Twitter”.

Members of the public were quick to join Bremner and Rayner in voicing their annoyance at the airport and its management.

One Twitter user replied to Bremner’s tweet, saying: “it’s awful, isn’t it? Security separated me from my eight-year-old daughter and bags last time. Amazingly bad.”

Another sarcastically wrote: “If only there was some way that they could know in advance how many people would be passing through!”

Rory Bremner faced long queues at Edinburgh Airport
Rory Bremner faced long queues at Edinburgh Airport

This incident is not the first time Edinburgh Airport has come under fire online from an angry celebrity.

In 2014, author Ian Rankin labelled the airport’s security system as “embarassing” after suffering delays.

Rankin tweeted: “Hey, @EDI_Airport, one x-Ray machine in use at 7.30am? Having to lock passengers out because you’re overrun? Embarrassing.”

The airport did eventually apologise to Bremner
The airport did eventually apologise to Bremner

Edinburgh Airport eventually replied to Bremner’s tweet, apologising.

Their account tweeted: “Morning Rory, sorry for the delay today. We’re moving passengers through as quickly and safely as possible.”