Video shows vicious street fight between pizza man and motorcyclist












SHOCKING footage shows the moment a pizza delivery man had a vicious fight with another motorcyclist.

The brutal clip shows the pair arguing furiously in an Edinburgh street before fists and feet start flying.

At one point the pizza delivery man removes his helmet and decks his helmeted opponent with a single punch.

The battle only ends after appalled passers-by pleaded with the two men to stop.

The video was taken in the Joppa district of the city on Thursday and starts with the pizza man and motorcyclist face-to-face and yelling at each other.

The motorcyclist then calls the delivery driver, who appears to be wearing a jacket with the Pizza Hut logo, a “f*****g idiot” and punches his helmet, sparking off the brawl.

It appears that the delivery man has the visor punched off his helmet.

The delivery man, who appears to speak with a foreign accent, then whips off his helmet and starts using it as a weapon.

He eventually lands a powerful punch to his helmeted opponent, causing him to fall to the ground.

The two men grappled for some time before stopping
The two men grappled for some time before stopping

Shockingly, the delivery driver then kicks the other man twice in the head while he is on the ground.

As he scrambles to his feet, a woman can be heard shouting “stop it” whilst the delivery man asks if his fellow motorcyclist “wants more?”

As the pair re-treat, the delivery driver is called a “f*****g d*****d”, before a woman approaches and tells them that they’re acting like children and to stop fighting.

The footage ends with the pair exchanging verbal expletives once more before the delivery driver tells his fellow biker that he was “looking for a fight”.

At one point, one of the men could be seen kicking the other in the head
At one point, one of the men could be seen kicking the other in the head

The person who captured the footage wishes to remain anonymous but said: “I didn’t see what happened to cause it but before I started filming, it sounded like the delivery guy overtook the other guy on a one way bridge or something.

“The other guy seemed to be saying that the delivery guy didn’t know how to drive.

“I think the video shows the rest and speaks for itself.”

This latest footage is the latest in a line of road rage incidents reported across Scotland so far this year.

In February, it was reported that a motorist grabbed another driver’s keys from the ignition and threw them across the M8 in Glasgow during rush-hour.

Whilst in April, a taxi driver was caught on camera approaching a cyclist with his fists raised following a driving dispute.