Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsHilarity as Scots MP brands rival "stupidist"

Hilarity as Scots MP brands rival “stupidist”

A POLITICIAN took to Twitter to brand a rival “stupid” – only to misspell the word.

Western Isles MP Angus MacNeil made the embarrassing mistake when sending a tweet to UKIP member David Coburn.

stupid mp
MP Angus B MacNeil had a nightmare on Twitter

In his message he asked his 18,000 followers if Coburn was the “stupidist”.

The hapless MP’s followers and rivals piled in on the social media platform after his misspelling of “stupidest”.

The irate message came after Coburn, the UKIP MEP for Scotland, tweeted: “Why do SNP even have MPs in Westminster if they don’t recognise UK?”

MacNeil shared the tweet and captioned it: “Really is this the stupidist guy in Scotland?”

Within the space of two minutes, he had received a message from follower Ryan Eaton who pointed out his mistake.

stupid 2
MacNeil then acknowledged his mistake

He replied: “Well done…think you were first to spot my spell check override on a crucial word .”

Fellow MPs also piled in to take the mickey out of MacNeil, who made headlines earlier this year after it was revealed he was having an affair with journalist Serena Cowdy.

Nathan Gill, the UKIP MEP for Wales, said: “Pretty stupid…to spell stupidest wrong!”

The UKIP Suffolk Twitter account commented: “Mr MacNeil, if you hurl insults to people in public at least get your spelling right.”

One follower shared a picture of a Key Stage 2 spelling book – aimed at 7-year-olds – captioned “Just to help you out”.

To make matters even worse, Coburn then shared his mis-spelled tweet just to heighten the humiliation.

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