Moment ancient pooch tries to keep up with young pup – and falls flat


A TOUCHING video shows the moment an ancient Labrador tried and failed to keep up with the younger generation.

Belle, a 15-year-old former working gun dog, boldly tried to follow a two-year-old pointer which had just leapt a 4ft fence.

But Belle, who’s the equivalent of 90 in human years, missed the obstacle completely.

The fiesty pooch then suffered further indignity as her young pal effortlessly sprung back over the obstacle.

Belle once ran through the rugged landscape near her home in Perthshire to fetch pheasants and bring them back to her owners.

15-year-old Belle is not as sprightly as she once was
15-year-old Belle is not as sprightly as she once was

But as she got older, her eyesight began to fail and she went into retirement, letting the younger generation take over.

A video, taken by David Pittbladdow from the Perthshire Gundog Rescue centre, shows Belle among a group of dogs running around a grassy area in St Madoes, Perth and Kinross.

One pooch, two-year-old Maura, runs towards a 4ft wire fence and leaps over it, clearing it with ease.

Belle, forgetting her age, tries to follow suit but takes-off far too early and lands right in front of the fence.

To make matters worse, Maura then jumps back over the wire – just to rub it in her friend’s nose.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook by David’s partner Carol Begg, who captioned it: “Left David in charge and look what 15-year-old Belle attempts.”

Two-year-old Maura cleared the fence with ease
Two-year-old Maura cleared the fence with ease

It prompted several comments from dog-lovers who said they could “sympathise” with the pooch.

Jocelyn Dennington wrote: “Bless her. She’s still got the spirit, if not the style.”

Lynne Miller said: “Great even thinking about attempting it at that age. She looks amazing for her age.”

Marjorie Mclay added: “I can sympathise there.”

Carol, 42, co-runs the rescue centre with her partner. She said: “Belle used to be a working gun dog until her sight started to go and she started to bang into things.

“She’s still doing great for her age – she’s never had an ill day in her life and she’s still very active. She’s the oldest dog we’ve got here but she still tries to keep up.

“Maura is only two and is a German short-haired Pointer. Pointer’s will jump anything and will happily jump back and forward into a field.”