A-Team replica van yours for £17,000


A FULLY functioning replica of the famous A-Team van could be yours for just £16,995.

James Brotherhood, 38, an emergency services worker from Worthing, Sussex, has placed his beloved van on eBay after three years of painstaking modifications.

His efforts have helped turn the old van into the perfect copy of the vehicle used by the likes of Mr. T and Hannibal in the 1980s TV show.

The Chevrolet 1992 V8 van has the famous red stripe on the gunmetal grey paint with a red wheels, a spoiler and front lights on its roof.


You could step into Mr. T's shoes for just under £17,000
You could step into Mr. T’s shoes for just under £17,000


The leather interior is laced with red stitching as well as a drop down television and red interior lights shining from the roof.

It has been used mainly for hire in weddings and birthday parties and can cost up to £1000, depending on the event.

The van has proven to be a hit with grooms and groomsmen who have taken the opportunity to step into Mr. T’s shoes as they travel to their wedding.

The lucky buyer will also get full access to the van’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well as a website dedicated to the A-Team tribute.


The van has been used regularly at weddings and parties
The van has been used regularly at weddings and parties


Mr Brotherhood is now reluctantly selling the 25-year-old van to spend more time with his family after struggling to juggle his shift work with the van and his life at home.

He said: “It’s just become too hard to juggle my shift work, with the van and my family life.

“Ultimately, I don’t want to sell it but I’m finding it hard to keep up with demand.

“I have four young children and all the work for the van tends to be at weekends so I want to use that time to spend with them.

“There’s a lot more someone could do with it, it just needs more time than I can offer. It’s frustrating that i’m not able to eek the potential out of it.”

Whoever gets their hands on the keys will be grabbing a bargain, as the vehicle was initially listed on eBay for £20,000 but has since had £3,000 knocked off the asking price.


The price has been lowered from £20,000
The price has been lowered from £20,000


Mr Brotherhood admits he doesn’t really want to sell the van he has put so much work into and his frustrated that he won’t be the man to help it fulfil its potential.

He said: “I bought the van three years ago and have spent a lot of time and money doing up the interior.

“It’s a bit of fun really, a hobby come business. I’ve always loved US cars and the A-Team because I grew up with it.

“They’re so rare that sometimes people don’t think it’s real. One time I was booked just to go up to a party at a house and park outside for a few hours so people could look.”

He continued: “I mainly use it for weddings, which seems to be very popular. I pick up the groom and his friends, we give them aviator glasses and fake guns to pose with.

“Sometimes we go to a nearby industrial estate and get the guys to walk through smoke. It’s really good fun.

“I did think about going full-time with it but i’m not really in a position to risk that.

“Wedding fairs usually start up in September so i’m looking to sell before then.”

To place a bid on the van, visit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131875517206?clk_rvr_id=1071754618127&rmvSB=true