Blocked ex gets in touch by bank transfer

A JILTED boyfriend managed to get round his ex-partner’s communication blackout – by bank transfer.
The spurned former lover was blocked from getting in touch by all the usual platforms including text, phone and social media.
So the man cunningly transferred the sum of four pence into his old flame’s bank account.
And in the “payment reference” section of the online form he wrote in capital letters: “Text me please.”
The unusual method of communication has been shared on social media
The unusual method of communication has been shared on social media
A screengrab of the forlorn transaction appeared on social media last Friday, posted by a Twitter user from Blackwood, South Lanarkshire.
The transfer shows that £0.04 was paid in by “Thomas KR” to a Barclays account on August 12.
Gabriella Smith shared the image from “Becca” who is believed to be a friend. The image was then widely shared on social media.
Gabriella wrote: “Becca blocked her ex off everything and he transferred 4p into her bank with the reference ‘text me please’. Crying.”
Some Twitter users felt that “Thomas” should have transferred more money in order to get a text back.
@KoleosoFace wrote: “If he was serious he should have dropped £1000 and he would have gotten a text back.”
@nikitadaviess commented: “Oh my god, he sounds like a right mentalist. The fact he transferred 4p just makes it all the better.”
And @TheWonkeyJen joked: “4p is a bit cheap if it’s true love. I’d hold out for a quid at least.”
However, @meganking_x commended the determined ex-boyfriend for his effort and wrote: “Absolutely 10/10 marks for his dedication. Just for the sheer craziness of that, he deserves a text.”
And @asad_abdullah17 said: “Give the lad credit for this clever means of communication.”
Sending a bank transfer to get back in touch with an ex-partner is very different from conventional methods such as a phone call or messaging via social media, however, various online articles offer other options Thomas could have tried.
Tamer options include sending flowers or using their friends group to try and work your way back into a loved one’s life.
Bolder choices recommended include sending a handwritten poem or love-letter and for the really brave, it is suggested that proposing to your former love could be a last ditch way of saving a relationship.