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NewsWoman finds revolting blue plaster in Tesco roll

Woman finds revolting blue plaster in Tesco roll

A TESCO customer was disgusted to find a sticking plaster inside a roll.

Lisa Notvarty, from Heanor, Derbyshire, spotted the revolting blue plaster inside a brown rolls bought last Friday.

The 32-year-old shared a picture of the grim find on Tesco’s Facebook page which shows the large blue plaster wedged inside one of her rolls.

Lisa had gone to make a roll for a friend when the vile discovery was made and decided to throw the whole batch she had bought in the bin.

The company apologised for the mishap and asked her to return the rolls to the nearest store.


Luckily the revolting plaster was found before anyone had taken a bite
Luckily the revolting plaster was found before anyone had taken a bite


Further food trouble was reported on the firm’s page the same week after a woman posted an image of a worm wriggling around in a Tesco fruit pot.

Kate Leddington, a student at the University of Worcester, spotted the thin black worm in amongst the strawberry and grape snack pot she had bought on Monday.

Luckily for Lisa, the plaster was spotted just before she used it to make a cheese roll but she said she was “grossed out” by the unwanted filling.

In her post to Tesco she wrote: “Hey, I got these bread rolls on Friday, when I have my usual delivery from you.

“As you can see from the images, there is a foreign object in one of your rolls. I was about to do a cheese roll for my friend when he spotted it.

“We think it might be a blue safety plaster but we’re not sure. It put me off eating any of the rolls.

A worm was also found in a fruit pot bought from the supermarket
A worm was also found in a fruit pot bought from the supermarket


“Where do I send a complaint to? I’m totally grossed out.”

Tesco in their online response said: “So sorry there’s a blue plaster in your rolls.” The firm asked her to return the offending items to any of their Metro stores.

The firm said in a statement: ““We set ourselves the highest standards for the quality of our products so we are surprised to hear about this incident.

“We have asked Ms Notvarty (CORR) to return the product to a store so we can investigate what may have happened”

Meanwhile Kate uploaded an image of the worm at the bottom of her pot of fruit but was told there was nothing Tesco could do as she’d already thrown the pot away.

She wrote: “Customer care? Yesterday, I bought a fruit pot from you only to find a worm in the bottom.

“When contacting you about it, you told me that you cannot do anything unless I returned the pot and the worm to my nearest store.

“This was a bit difficult considering I was at work and had thrown the pot in the bin in disgust. Not a happy customer.”

Tesco said: “It is not immediately clear what Ms Leddington may have found in the bottom of the fruit pot so we have asked our supplier to investigate.”

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