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In BriefSuperfan gets "Annie eat yer f***** trifle" tattoo in tribute to viral...

Superfan gets “Annie eat yer f***** trifle” tattoo in tribute to viral Scots gran

A MYSTERY superfan got an “Annie eat yer f***** trifle” tattoo in tribute to a Scots gran who became famous for her X-rated rants.

Annie Scott, from Ayr, became an internet sensation after her grandson started filming her foul-mouthed outbursts and posting them on YouTube.

The retired dinner lady’s grandson, Tommy Ga-Ken Wan, shared hilarious clips winding Annie up with some videos reaching more than 100,000 views.

Credit : Scottish Memes and Banter

But fans were left devastated last week when Annie’s family announced she had passed away aged 70.

Thousands of social media users took to Annie’s very own YouTube channel, Facebook and Twitter to pay tribute to the much-loved character.

Now a superfan has gone a step further by getting one of Annie’s most famous catchlines permanently inked on his body.

An image shared on social media shows “Annie eat yer f****** trifle” written in black ink on what appears to be an arm.

The quote was taken from one of Annie’s most famous videos where she loses her rag during filming.

In the hilarious clip, Annie’s husband is heard shouting “Annie, eat yer f****** trifle” after she loses her rag from having a camera in her face.

She is then shown shouting: “Please get it out my face, sit over there and take it. Would you like to be eating with a camera in your f****** face?

The funny video, uploaded back in 2010, has been viewed more than 123,000 on YouTube.

Uploaded on Facebook page, Scottish Memes and Banter, the image was captioned: “RIP tae wee grannie Annie another Glasgow legend gone. Thanks for the laughs.”

Hundreds of followers took to the photograph to praise the mystery fan for the heartfelt tribute.

Nicola Shields said: “This is defo my next tattoo.”

And Eddie O’ Donnell wrote: “Legend.”

Comments also continue to flood in over Twitter from people hearing news of Annie’s passing with one user writing: “The death of Granny Annie is the worst celebrity death of 2016.”

In a heartfelt message on Facebook, Annie May-Lin Wan announced news of her grandmother’s death last Wednesday.

She wrote: “Today we lost the lady who most of you associate with trifle, a sare shooder, and a camera in her face, Grannie Annie.

“To me, she was the woman who used to watch blind date with me on a Saturday night, then give me a bubble bath; the woman who would get out her bed and drive my papa to my house at midnight to catch a spider; the woman who would humour me and set up Skype so I could Skype the dog, while she looked after him, so I could gallivant round Australia and America; the woman who would have done anything for me.

“Today I lost more than Granny Annie, I lost my Nana Ann.”

Grandson Tommy wrote another message two days later, saying: “That’s oor Annie away noo.

“My sister was the first to post news of Grannie Annie’s death. Within 24 hours, the post had gone viral to the extent that my sister had to change her privacy settings.

“I wish Grannie Annie could have seen that: to have known how loved she was; this woman with a foul mouth and a heart of gold, whose ordinariness made her extraordinary: people around the world saw it, and they loved it.

“I never told this story to anyone, but when Michael Winterbottom wanted to cast her in his next film, and when I put it to her, she said “Are you jokin’ me son!? Hollywood films!? Tell them Am too auld, am too tired. Ah canny be f*.”

“RIP ya auld bugger.”

The messages were instantly inundated with thousands of messages from fans offering their condolences to the family.


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