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NewsDriver spins past oncoming HGV - and carries on with journey

Driver spins past oncoming HGV – and carries on with journey

AN astonishing video shows a car spin through 360 degrees, almost topple over and narrowly miss oncoming traffic – only for the driver to carry on.

The dash cam clip shows the Renault Twingo lose control on a bend and skid into the verge.

As a lorry and car coming in the opposite direction slam on their brakes, the car bounces through a complete circle, smashing part of the front and coming close to overturning.

But rather than get out to check for damage to man or machine, the unidentified driver from Northern Ireland simply takes off.


Despite the crash, the car continues on its journey


The clip was captured by a driver with MAC Autoparts who was travelling near Lisburn on a back road to Belfast. The incident was filmed on January 9 this year but has only now been released.

The video is filmed from a computer display as the Autoparts driver and a colleague watch it back.

The driver of the van can be heard commenting on the video saying: “He was close to the lorry like, he panicked.”

His colleague can be heard laughing as the driver leaves the scene of the incident.

The firm uploaded the video their Facebook page with the caption: “One lucky boy whoever he was.



“Drive on as cool as you like lol.”

A spokeswoman for the Police Service of North Ireland: “At approximately 4.00pm on Monday 9th January, police received the report of a car crashing into a ditch on the Barnfield Road in the Lisburn area.

“The driver of the vehicle was unharmed, however significant damaged was caused to the vehicle.”

The spokeswoman said the driver would not be facing charges.

Matthew McVeigh is one of hundreds of people to view the footage online.

He said: “Someone’s ma clipping the ear of them right now ‘I thought you said someone hit it in the car park'”

John Lowery-Brady commented: “Just carries on like oh that must have just been a bump in the road….”

Michael Moran commented: “Just drive on as nothing ever happened.”

Ashley Lloyd Evans said: “Funny how the belter in the skoda can actually get on its side of the road when it sees that little roller skate bin it”

Norman Davidson wrote: “Great shot , another idiot in the wet !!”

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