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NewsMone "tempted" to take up reigns as Scotland's First Minister

Mone “tempted” to take up reigns as Scotland’s First Minister

FORMER lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone has revealed she’s “tempted” to run for the job of Scotland’s First Minister.

The 45-year-old took responded to a Twitter user this morning who suggested that she should take over the reigns from Nicola Sturgeon.

The fan, known as Irena Tuga, wrote: “Lady Mone for Scotland 1st minister. If Trump can do it I am sure she can.”

Mone responded: “I’m tempted Irene.”


Mone admitted she was “tempted” by the idea of leading Scotland


The comments were made after Mone appeared on Good Morning Britain today (TUE) saying that Sturgeon should “stick to her day job” and claiming Scotland is not ready for another referendum.

One critic wrote on Twitter: “You should stick to what you know hen, t***, because you made the biggest t** of yourself this morning on GMTV.”

And Kelly Willows said: “Michelle Mone telling Nicola Sturgeon to stick to the day job. Exactly what she’s doing you Tory puppet.”

Another Twitter user, reacting to the earlier “Trump can do it” comment, said: “Because we now have firm evidence idiots will vote for other idiots?”

However, some fans of Mone took to social media to praise her appearance and mirroring the suggestion as First Minister.

Helen Jones? said: “Lots of common sense spoken by Michelle Mone on Good Morning Britain. Maybe she should be Scotland’s leader, not Nicola Sturgeon.

And Lisa Melvin? said: “Couldn’t agree more with you with re to Scotland, doll. Well said.”

During the discussion with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, Mone said: “If you look at all the polls in Scotland, there’s no appetite to have another referendum.

“We’ve had the Scottish referendum then we had the general referendum now we’ve had the EU referendum, we’ve had enough I think.

“The general public are sick of politics, sick to the back teeth of it. It’s holding back inward investment and I think we’ve just got to get on with business and growing our country and making our NHS and everything better.

“I would say Nicola Sturgeon needs to stick to her day job.”

Mone was appointed to conduct a two part government review for the then Prime Minister, David Cameron of business start-ups in deprived areas. She was appointed Baroness Mone in October 2015.

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