Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Moment cyclists almost hit by biker going so fast the number plate can’t be read

A SHOCKING video shows the moment two cyclists were almost hit by a motorbike going so fast the number plate cannot be read.

The biker, who is clearly travelling well in excess of the 60mph limit on the road, comes within a few inches of the husband and wife cyclists.

The clip was recorded by Tarik Qirem on Sunday as he and his wife cycled from their home in Romford, East London, into the Essex countryside.

At the start of the footage, Tarik’s cycle cam shows his wife in front and within a foot of the edge of the road.

A car passes the cyclists in the opposite direction and a fraction of a second later the biker zooms past.

It is thought the biker came dangerously close to the cyclists to avoid a head-on collision with the car coming in the opposite direction.

A freeze frame from the video shows the bike less than a foot from Tarik’s wife.

Tarik himself claims the bike was as little as three inches away at its closest.

And the bike is travelling so quickly it is not possible to read the number plate.

In the video, the biker disappears from sight in around half a second.

Tarik can be heard cursing in disbelief at how close he and his wife have come to an accident that could have killed them both.

He uploaded it with the caption: “This happened to us yesterday, I wonder if the motorcyclist would be happy with a larger vehicle passing him leaving only about three inches between us.

“Please excuse my potty mouth at the end.”

Social media users were quick to berate the motorcyclist for his dangerous driving.

Paul Wheatley wrote: “It’s t***s like that who give bikers a bad name. Absolutely no need for it.

“There’s a big difference between knowing the risk and endangering yourself when you jump on a motorcycle and selfishly endangering others.”

Mick Whittaker added: “That’s shocking. That could’ve spooked the riders to wobble in to a path of a vehicle. Utter disgrace.”

Whilst Cameron Frewar said: “D******d move.”

But some fellow bike riders have suggested Tarik and his wife should have been closer to the centre of the road.

Judy Frankel said: “If you controlled the full lane like the legitimate road user you are he would change lanes to pass.

“Edge riding encourages same lane close passes. That lane is not wide enough to share.”

Tarik added: “What is clear in that video is how close he is, it was a matter of inches.

“The road was not in the best condition so we were having to weave quite bit, at that speed even if we checked before we moved out we would have stood no chance to react.”

There are around 19,000 road accidents involving cyclists annually in the UK.

In 2015, there were 100 cyclist fatalities with dozens of these down to the poor state of roads.

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