Scotsman so disgusted by woman’s chocolate and cheese toast that he reports it to police


A SCOTSMAN was so disgusted by one woman’s snack of cheese and chocolate toast that he decided to report it to police.

Jack Young, from Glasgow, was left “appalled” after spotting one woman’s bizarre combination of grated cheese and chocolate spread on toast.

Such was his anger, he decided to tweet the images of the unusual snack to Police Scotland to see if they were aware of the ‘criminal’ creation.

The 21-year-old took to Twitter earlier this week to share the images of the cheesy chocolate toast with the caption: “Hi have u seen this @policescotland ?”


Jack was so disgusted he reported it to police


The original tweet was by fellow user Houda, who posted the photos of the unusual toast with the caption: “Hi Twitter, so here’s my amazing choc and cheese invention which I’m eating as I tweet.”

The first photo shows her plain slices of toast with a tub of grated cheese and sauce next to them.

The second snap shows the toast with the chocolate spread over them and once slice with the grated cheese places on top.

The final picture shows the cheese which has melted into the chocolate spread.


The chocolate and cheese creation


Jack’s tweet in which he reports the snack to Police Scotland has been retweeted over 3,800 times with over 15,500 likes.

Megan Bassett wrote: “I think I’m gonna be sick just looking at that monstrosity.”

Kirsty McDyre commented: “I’m actually disgusted.”

Whilst Kieran Fyfe added: “100% a criminal offence.”

However, some were quite impressed with the creation.

Tom Pye wrote: “100% trying this.”

And Chris Wood added: “That’s tidy, give it a try.”