Saturday, May 21, 2022
NewsMoment yob cyclist gets owned by mobility scooter rider following pavement head-on

Moment yob cyclist gets owned by mobility scooter rider following pavement head-on

A YOB cycling on the pavement got more than he bargained for after crashing head-on – into a mobility scooter.

A bizarre video shows the silver-haired cyclist emergency brake and almost fall off after hitting the mobility scooter coming the other way round a corner.

The feisty rider of the scooter forcibly pushes the bike out of his way and appears to give the cyclist a serious ticking off.

The incident was captured by motorcyclist Mark Howden on his helmet cam while riding in Edinburgh earlier this month.

The clip opens with the man on the scooter – wearing a high-visibility jacket – zipping across a pedestrian crossing and on to the pavement.

The cyclist – wearing shorts – comes into view, approaching from the opposite direction and clearly using the pavement.

Despite the three headlights on the scooter, and the driver’s fluorescent jacket, the cyclist cannot stop in time and strikes the side of the scooter.

The scooter rider grabs the bike by the handlebars and manages to haul it out of the way. He can then be seen clearly giving the cyclist a piece of his mind.

Mark joked: “I saw a horrendous crash on my way home from work the other day. When I say horrendous I actually mean quite funny, I doubt anybody was injured.”

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers, a road safety campaign website which obtained the footage, said: “This clip shows why cycling on the footpath is dangerous and prohibited unless on a shared path.

“Often we see cyclists too impatient to wait at traffic lights and the safety of others should be considered when choosing to use the pavement as a short cut.

“Luckily neither the cyclist or man on mobility scooter swerved into the road as what was a daft mistake could’ve resulted in serious injuries.”

According to statistics released by the Department for Transport last week, the number of pedestrians killed or seriously injured in collisions with cyclists in the UK has more than doubled in the past decade.

In the last seven years, 25 pedestrians have died in collisions with bikes and 700 sustained serious injuries

Earlier this year Charlie Alliston, 20, was found guilty of causing bodily harm by “wanton or furious driving” after he knocked over and killed a 44-year-old woman in east London.

The law allows mobility scooters capable of speeds up to 8mph to use both the roads and pavements.

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