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NewsShocking footage captured four schoolkids and four adults squeezing into ONE car

Shocking footage captured four schoolkids and four adults squeezing into ONE car

SHOCKING dash cam footage captured four children and four adults getting into one car outside of a primary school.

The black Audi A4 parked up outside the Clockhouse Primary School in Romford, London before the shocking incident took place.

Jim Copeman, from Romford, London, captured the footage while he was picking up his daughter from the same school.

The delivery driver claims none of the children were strapped in, and that the adults weren’t wearing seatbelts either.

The 39-year-old said what he saw made his “blood boil” and that he couldn’t believe the adults would be so “irresponsible”.

It is illegal in the UK to drive an overcrowded car, and it is also extremely dangerous as it puts the passengers at risk of fatal injuries.

Also, a child has to use a car seat until they are 12 years old, or 135 centimeters tall, whichever comes first.

Kids are at a greater risk of sustaining serious or fatal injuries in a crash while their bodies are still developing.

The clip begins with the black Audi parked on zig zag lines outside of Clockhouse Primary, while a man takes a child out from the back seat and heads into the school.

The car drives forward and onto the pavement, as it does the right side back passenger door opens – where apparently an adult and child were already seated.

The door closes as the car parks up, and a woman approaches the car and puts two young children, one in a cream puffer jacket and a white bobble hat and another in a black jacket, in the back of the car.

The woman, wearing a black jacket, then gets into the front seat, as busy traffic passes the car in the background.

Kids getting into the car outside Clockhouse Primary School

Moments later, the man from the beginning of the clip arrives carrying one child in his arms and another holding his hand.

He puts both children in the back of the car, and then disturbingly gets in himself.

Jim Copeman, speaking today (FRI), said: “There were four adults and four children in the car.

“The driver, and adult sitting behind the driver, the lady passenger that you see getting in and the other man moments after.

“The mother put two children in and the last fella crams another two in the back before squeezing in himself.

“There were no bulky car seats, boosters I don’t know, but with tw adults in the back, I doubt very much if there were any at all.

“I noticed the mother didn’t strap her kids in the back seat which got my blood boiling to start off with.

“Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the other man pile another two kids and himself in the back as well.

“Neither of the kids or the adults were belted up. If something had happened, there would definitely be some nasty injuries.

“I don’t understand how irresponsible some people can be.”

An adult getting into the car outside Clockhouse Primary School

An RAC spokesman said: “To every parent that cares about the safety of their children on the move, this footage will be very disturbing.

“By cramming four children and an adult into the back of one car, at least two children can’t have been properly restrained – and in all likelihood none of the children had the correct protection for their age and height which would have stopped them from being seriously injured in the event of a crash.

“While it may have seemed convenient to try to get everyone in one car, in doing so the lives of those in the back have been seriously put at risk.

We urge all parents and carers to put safety first when taking children in the car.”

A spokesman for Havering Council today (FR) revealed they are investigating the footage.

He said: “We take the safety and wellbeing of our school pupils extremely seriously. We were the first Council in the country to introduce parking enforcement zones around primary schools to stop dangerous parking at the school gates.

“Enforcing seatbelt rules is the responsibility of the Police, but as both cars (the one being filmed and the person filming) in the video were parked illegally and irresponsibly, we will look into this further.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police today said the incident had not been reported to them.

In October this year a group of eight young men live-streamed themselves in an overcrowded car on their way to Dungarpur in northern India.

The men crashed the car while driving at 87kph (54mph), and four of them instantly died.


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