Hilarious moment Chow Chow bred for Chinese mountains refuses to go out – in Northampton


A HILARIOUS video shows the moment a dog bred by Mongolians to survive the harsh winters of northern China refuses to go out in the snow – in Northampton.

Chewie, a Chow Chow, cowers inside the doorway of his owner’s home looking disbelievingly at the chilly white stuff outside.

The pampered pooch is eventually persuaded to venture out but places his front paws on the snow before immediately retreating inside.

Chewie, two, had never seen snow before and his breed’s long history as working dogs in the mountains of Mongolia seemed to count for little.

Owner Jack Daniel Dunkley uploaded the video to twitter yesterday (DEC 10) with the caption: “Chew’s first time seeing snow, he’s not having it.”

The clip 35-second clip begins with the pooch looking tentatively outside, and looking up at his owner in confusion.

As the 22-year-old accountant tries to tempt Chewie outside, he remains steadfast inside the house looking out.

As Jack heads down the stairs hoping the fluffy dog will follow, Chewy sticks his head around the door but doesn’t step across the threshold.

Finally, Chewy puts one paw out into the snow and gives the ground a sniff.

After trying a second paw Chewy decides against going outside, gives his owner a disappointed look and heads straight back inside.

Jack has had Chewie for a year and a half, and the pair go everywhere together

According to Jack, Chewy did eventually pluck up the courage to venture out.

On social media, Rachel said: “Oh my god he’s so precious.”

Sarah Jane added: “A true blessing that doggo is.”

While Vic3den commented: “Jack I’m obsessed with your dog.”

Speaking today, Jack said: “It hasn’t snowed here in a couple of years, he didn’t want to go near it at first. It took a while but after running away from him, he finally came outside after me.

“I got him a year and half ago. We live alone. He’s pretty much my best mate, we go everywhere together. Everyone one loves him, we get stopped all the time for photos. He’s really helped my Tinder game too.”