Hilarious moment David Tennant pranks oblivious Doctor Who fan


A HILARIOUS picture captured the moment David Tennant pranked an oblivious Doctor Who fan.

Actor Georgia Tennant posted the amusing picture of her husband with a cheeky grin on his face – standing feet away from an oblivious fan wearing a Tardis t-shirt.

The couple were grabbing a quick drink in an LA Starbucks yesterday (SUN) when they decided to play the prank on the fan.

Georgia posted the picture to her twitter with the caption: “And he’ll never know.”

Georgia posted the picture to her twitter with the caption: “And he’ll never know.”

The amusing post has already garnered over 12,000 likes and 2,700 retweets since it was posted.

Tennant, who played the tenth doctor in the BBC drama, stands less than a metre from the fan – who has his head stuck in his mobile phone.

Dressed in a baseball cap and glasses, unlike the Doctor’s love for long coats and suits, the actor is almost unrecognisable – especially to the distracted fan.

The fan later revealed himself as instagram user lio_lobo – who was ordering tickets for a Doctor Who convention at the time.

Reposting the picture to his Instagram page, lio_lobo wrote: “So, I was at Starbucks getting some lunch and ordering my Gallifrey One tickets and this happened. Damn, Georgia caught me slippin.

“Well, at least I have a picture with David Tennant.”

Lio_lobo added that he didn’t know the picture had been taken until he had left the Starbucks and that the pair were keeping a low profile. He said: “Well I noticed a couple right next to me but I really didn’t pay them much attention.

“But they were necking at each other and that’s when I got on my phone . They are really good sneaky actors bro. They got me good.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post.

Dorin said: “My heart goes to him but David’s smile is priceless.”

Asexualgavin added: “Now this is just cruel but i love it.”

Jessica Dwyer commented: “Best reverse photobomb ever.”

EinCrespo1 added: “They guy must be kicking himself by now.”

Ellieeugenia wrote: “If this were me, I’d officially be dead.”

While user David Tennant Alert joked: “Maybe he just likes Matt Smith better.”