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Adorable snaps show rejected lamb still best pals with pooch that adopted it a year on

ADORABLE pictures show a sheep which was rejected by its mother as a lamb – and is still best pals with the pooch that adopted it.

Dora the sheep and Bernie have been joined at the hip since striking up an unlikely friendship at Inverpolly Estate in Ullapool, Ross-shire last year.

Dora was a triplet but ended up being bottle-fed after her mother struggled to cope with the three lambs.

The farmer says Dora has an extra soft spot for Bernie.

Instead of having that bond with her mother, Dora took a shining to the New Zealand Huntaway pooch and now prefers his company to being around other sheep.

And, if she is ever kept away from her canine friend, Dora kicks up a fuss until the pair are reunited again.

The adorable duo have been photographed over the past year enjoying time together around the estate.

Images taken shortly after Dora was born show her as a lamb following Bernie around the estate and going for runs with him.

Other photographs show Dora looking a lot plumper and fluffier as she nuzzles into Bernie adoringly.

Dora was a triplet and had to be bottle fed by humans when her mum rejected her,

Another hilarious snap shows Dora backed into a corner next to Bernie reluctant to join the rest of the sheep who are peering at her.

Speaking today (tue), farmer Nicky Davies said: “Dora is one of last year’s lambs, she was a triplet whose mother couldn’t cope with the three, so I bottle fed her and the rest is history.

“She loves Bernie in particular. She makes a big racket if she is shut away from him with the rest of the sheep.

“She much prefers his company to other sheep. Bernie finds her a bit demanding sometimes, especially at lambing when he is tired and she wants to play!”

Last week, the estate shared an adorable video showing Dora galloping after Bernie refusing to leave his side.

They captioned the video: “These two are never far apart but draw the line at Dora sleeping in the house!”

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