Sunday, July 3, 2022
NewsBoots customer gets "pornographic points card" following hilarious blunder over name

Boots customer gets “pornographic points card” following hilarious blunder over name

A BOOTS customer reckons she has been given a “pornographic points card” following a hilarious bungle over her name.

Kirstie Louise Locke, from Pontypridd, South Wales, applied for the points card last week in store.

However, when it arrived yesterday (WED) she opened the letter to discover the name “Cocke” had been printed on the card.

The customer opened it and burst out laughing at the name.

The Starbucks store manager filled in the form by hand at the chemist’s Talbot Green store, in Mid Glamorgan.

The 28-year-old insists she wrote “Locke” and that her email address also contains her last name, which the company got correct.

Luckily Kirstie found the funny side to the whole situation, but thinks the error may have been down to a disgruntled employee having a bit of fun.

The 28-year-old took to Facebook to share the hilarious mix up with the caption: “Ummm Boots you seem to have made a slight error in my surname?

“It’s Locke? Not…someone in the office had some laughs.”

Speaking today, Kirstie said: ““It was rather amusing.

Luckily Kirstie found the funny side, and so did other social media users.

“I didn’t really notice on the letter before I opened it, as my name was the same misspelling on the envelope too.

“I opened it and just looked at the card and burst out laughing. Luckily I have a sense of humour so I didn’t get too offended.

“Who makes that kind of mistake? I haven’t put it in my purse yet needless to say. I won’t be shopping in boots with it.”

Asked if she thought if the spelling error was made on purpose, Kirstie replied: “I have thought maybe it was a disgruntled employee joke on their last day or something, but I bloody hope not.

“Maybe boots need to investigate? I’d like to start collecting points on a non pornographic card.”

On social media user left a series of laughing emojis under Kirstie’s post.

Boots declined to comment but offered Miss Locke a replacement card.

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