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SHOCKING footage of ‘junkies attacking an old man’

SHOCKING footage of the moment an “old man” is chased down the street and attacked by “junkies” has gone viral.

The clip, filmed outside a Tesco in Dundee, shows the victim being attacked as he lies on the pavement before being thrown against a wall.

A woman with peroxide blonde hair can also be seen kicking the man while he is down.

And when the victim gets away from the pair they kick his shopping bags into the road.

The incident took place on Saturday afternoon and has now been viewed over 48,000 times online.

Bruce Harper, 29, posted the video online on Saturday writing: “My auntie just seen two junkies batter an old man across from Tesco on the Hilltown next to TSB bank and all his shopping is all over the road.

“Does anyone know who they are? Please share this.”

Users reacted to the incident with disgust that nobody had stepped in to help the man.

Vicky Buttercase wrote: “Sick b*******, the man did nothing wrong and not one person helps him.”

Danyell Brown wrote: “Of all passers and cars, did no one f****** stop?”

Users were upset passers by didn’t stop.

Others slammed the pair for their actions.

Audrey Boyle wrote: “F****** arseholes. Hope some c*** gets them, dirty scumbags.”

Jane Marr wrote: “Disgusting.”

Shanice Lavery wrote: “Hopefully she phoned the police.”

Speaking today Bruce said: “My aunt was at the Tesco in the Hilltown and was sitting in the car with her kids when she saw it.

“There were two people pestering an old man, shouting and swearing at him.

“He wasn’t doing anything, he was walking away from them.

“They kept shouting, so in the end he shouted something back and they went after him.

“They swore at him and then started hitting him and were kicking his shopping around.

“My aunt was quite shocked as the guy was fairly old – he looked like he was in his 60s.

“Everyone that keeps saying why did she not help instead of record, it’s because she was scared.

“It wasn’t a nice thing for her to witness.”

A Police Scotland spokesman said yesterday: “We had a call at 8.50pm with reports of a group of males fighting outside a bakery on the Hilltown.

“The reports said 10 people were fighting. A second phone call related to the incident reported two males fighting not far from the area.

“Police attended and traced everybody. However, nobody wished to make any complaint and there were no arrests”.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “We have been made aware of a video circulating on social media, which appears to show an incident between three people on Strathmartine Road, Dundee, near to the junction with Paterson Street.

“We cannot confirm the exact time or date of the incident at this time.

“Officers are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, and are keen to trace three people.

“We would also ask anyone who witnessed this incident to contact us on 101 or speak with any Police officer.

“Information can be given anonymously through Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 11. Our reference is incident 4208 of 28th April.”

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