Paramedic posts skin-crawling video of cloud of midges feasting on his hand


A PARAMEDIC captured a skin-crawling video of a cloud of midges feasting on his hand.

Jamie Brannan, from Newburgh, Fife, was hoping to catch a scenic sunrise shot when he was ambushed by the tiny biting insects.

The budding hobbyist photographer popped down to Loch Ard in the Trossachs National Park at around 4am in the morning when he was surrounded.

The 39-year-old said the 15-second clip was the longest he managed to stay still for, and that he still had bite marks over a week later.

The footage comes as midge forecasters predict a “level 5” – the highest level possible – for Glencoe and Ballachulish for the next week.

Jamie uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “Just a few midges in the Trossachs….”

The footage begins with Jamie holding out his hand in front of him – already besieged with hundreds of the tiny insects.

As the paramedic turns his hand even more of the critters can be seen crawling along his skin and appear to be trying to get into his sleeve.

Thousands of the annoying midges can be seen in the background swarming around Jamie.

Speaking today, Jamie said: “They’re a nightmare. I’m a hobbiest photographer and wanted to catch a sunrise but the midges weren’t having it.

“The video was the longest I managed to stand still for, around 15 seconds I think. They were relentless.

“All over my face, in my hair and of course all over my hands. It was as though my skin was crawling.

“It’s just so so itchy. Even later that day when I was back home it felt as though they were all over me. The bite marks lasted for a good week or so. Still gives me the heebie-jeebies thinking about it.”

Social media users were quick to comment on the post and share similar experience.

Jason Bell said: “Yip, got eaten alive at Ben Nevis at the weekend.”

Andy Hunter added: “Ahh Bonny Scotland’s wee biting b**s can ruin a good day especially in damp warm conditions. Just relocate East and be done with them. Sorted.”

Mark Massé commented: “Little b**s. Got major attacked in Mallaig and Skye last week.”

Jamie only lasted 15-seconds without any coverage as the hungry midges swarmed his hand

Gregor Soroka said: “Not as bad as at Loch Long.”

While others were simply astounded.

Melissa Mcgill wrote: “This makes me so itchy.”

Wendy Gibson concurred, writing: “Argh. Im super itchy just looking at that.”

Alan George Robert Burns said: “Jesus f*.”

Catherine Smith wrote: “Jamie you are hardcore.”

While Lorraine Judge said simply: “Eeeeeeek.”

Earlier this month Scottish locals claimed it was the “worst year ever” for ravenous midges, as although they got off to a slow start due to the cold weather – they arrived with a boom at the start of June.

Lucy Fraser, from Rowardennan, Stirling, said she had become a “prisoner in her own home” and has to insist guests staying with her do not open their windows for fear of a midge siege.