Hilarious moment intrepid hillwalkers terrified for their lives by village’s fake traffic cop


HILARIOUS video captured the moment two intrepid hillwalkers were terrified by a village’s fake traffic cop.

The bizarre mannequin, complete with a high-vis jacket, gave Louise Hopwood and Rachel Durrant the fright of their lives as they drove past.

The clip captures them screaming hysterically as they clapped eyes on his ghoulish-looking face as they drove past.

The pair were driving from their home in Wrexham, North Wales, to climb Snowdon at 1am on Saturday.

Hoping to catch the sunrise, the pair took a night-time drive to tackle the 1,085 m (3560 ft) peak.

But, as they made their way through small villages, the pair began to notice a number of OAPs walking the roads.

Already “freaked out” by the unexplained pensioner pedestrians, they lost the plot when the the fake police officer loomed out of the dark in an unidentified Welsh community.

Louise’s son James Burnham uploaded the clip to Facebook with the caption: “So my mum and her friend were driving towards Snowdon about 1am and were spooked by the amount of OAPs just walking then they saw the mannequin and well… watch the video.”

The clip begins with Louise, driving the dashcam vehicle, and Rachel chatting as they head down a quiet road in the dead of night.

They can be heard laughing and talking about how they were “spooked” by OAPs they had passed walking at the side of the road during their journey.

As they approach a small group of houses, a mannequin wearing a high-vis jacket can be seen on the left side of the road.

Louise can be heard saying: “There’s another one. This is getting me freaked out. I swear, old people.”

As the pair get closer and clap eyes on the mannequin’ face they both erupt into loud piercing screams.

The pair were “spooked” by the fake-cop’s ghoulish face

They then descend into laughter and Louise can be heard asking: “What the hell is that?”

The two can barely contain themselves, so chose to do a three-point turn to head back and check the mannequin out.

They took a photograph which shows the male mannequin dressed in a high-vis jacket and capped, chained to the post.

The mannequin looks more like a ghoul than a person – with big bulging eyes, grey skin and also no hands.

On social media, Mike Davies said: “He’s a pretend speed camera guy. It’s a bad road for speeding. I’ve only passed him but never stopped, he looks scary.”

Harry Stephenson added: “That’s been there for ages.”

Louise and Rachel got the fright of their lives

Andy Watt wrote: “Jesus christ don’t watch this with your volume turned up.”

Mewins Borrie commented: “Well funny. Hope it catches on.”

Speaking today, Louise said: “We were on our way to do a night walk up Snowdon so we could watch the sunrise in the morning.

“We thought it was another person out late at night. We had already seen an old couple at about 11.30pm and another about 10 minutes before.

“When we saw the mannequin we were talking about how weird it was to see these people out in the middle of nowhere so late at night.

“We were very freaked out when we saw his face. It was so creepy and we weren’t expecting that.”