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NewsThousands to attend "Learn to Dance Like Theresa May Day" so they...

Thousands to attend “Learn to Dance Like Theresa May Day” so they can bust moves like the PM

THOUSANDS of dance fans are planning to attend a “Learn to Dance Like Theresa May Day” so they can bust moves just like the Prime Minister.

Over 4,900 people have confirmed on Facebook that they plan to attend the popular event on November 9.

While a further 29,000 have declared their interest in coming along – meaning over 30,000 attendees could be learning how to dance like May.

The PM’s infamous style went viral last week during her three-day trip to South Africa when she danced with a group of young scouts at the UN offices in Nairobi, Kenya.

Some viewers mocked May’s moves, while others fell in love with her unique robotic performance.

The Facebook event for the “Learn to Dance Like Theresa May Day” is scheduled to be held in Liverpool city centre.

Hundreds quickly flooded the comment section expressing their delight for the event.

Thousands of people have signed up to go to the event in Liverpool

Helena King provided a whitty pun saying: “We will be aMayzing dancers after this.”

While Leah Robb was full of praise for May’s skills saying: “She’s got snake hips.

“I want to dance and shake my knees just like her. What a woman strong and stable.”

Some wanted to find out what the dress code for the event will be.

Steve Keenan said: “Any sort of special Theresa May ware I have to come in?”

Victoria Irving wrote: “Am I ok in civvies or do I need to come in Tory fancy dress?”

Others were not so impressed with the idea of thousands gathering to dance like the PM.

Kornelius La Fenpold said: “Is this actually happening or is it a joke? How many people will actually turn up to learn to dance like a total goon.”

Social media users were quick to make jokes on the event page
Social media users were quick to make jokes on the event page

The Facebook page doesn’t just provide the time or exact location of the event, but it does provide a step-by-step guide on how to learn May’s dance moves and practice at home.

It reads: “May 1.0 Put your weight on your left foot and pivot, slowly swinging your hips and right foot back and forth with your arms bent to in the ‘T-Rex’ pose.

“Start walking forward in a slow, mechanical fashion out of time to the music and with arms still positioned like the large dinosaur, but with torso waving like a tree in a mild breeze.

“May 2.0 Keep both feet planted and swing arms in a jerky motion as if trying to prove to your parents you are sober and can walk in a straight line – but without moving either foot.

“Return to May 1.0 (left foot planted, bizarre hip/right foot swivel) but with the addition of a creepy smile and gaze into the middle distance.

“Repeat steps one and two, but intersperse with occasionally giving up, putting your hands on your thighs and laughing maniacally like you’ve stumbled across a cracking cookbook sale.”

This isn’t the first time a politician’s dance moves has garnered public attention.

John Prescott couldn’t resist a boogie, and who could forget Ed Balls becoming a national treasure when he stunned audiences during Strictly Come Dancing?


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