Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsTerrifying video shows woman being targeted by Volkswagen Golf

Terrifying video shows woman being targeted by Volkswagen Golf

A SHOCKING road rage video has sparked outrage as a male driver appears to target a female motorist for no apparent reason.

The dash cam video shows three separate incidents over half a mile on Thursday morning.

Paige Hartley was driving on Euston Road in Morecambe, Lancashire at around 7.25am when she was overtaken by a man driving a silver Volkswagen Golf.

Paige, 24, appeared to be targeted by the angry man in the golf as he causes multiple incidents that put Paige and other drivers in danger.

Paige, who works as an undergraduate assistant at a university, watched the video with officers at Morecambe Police Station who told them there isn’t much they can do as her video doesn’t identify the driver, or the abuse.

The video shows the driver of the silver Volkswagen Golf speeding in front of Paige and then immediately slamming on the brakes causing Paige to react quickly.

Video appears to show Paige being targeted by a Volkswagen Golf

Paige responds by honking her horn, he then swerves onto the pavement and stops – is alleged at this point he starts hurling abuse.

Less than 10 seconds later the vehicle comes back into view – this time on Lancaster Road overtaking at a zebra crossing and narrowly missing the dash cam car and an oncoming vehicle.

Paige again honks her horn and is by now becoming annoyed and mutters “f* off” The vehicle then drives off erratically at speed and can be seen disappearing in the distance.

A short time later the vehicle has slowed down at a mini roundabout indicating to turn right, however as the dash cam vehicle approaches he changes his mind and drives straight on.

He then turns off onto Mardale Avenue but immediately performs a u-turn, and as Paige approaches the junction he drove towards her and a head-on collision is narrowly avoided.

Moments later he reverses backwards and by now she is understandably distressed and can be heard saying “What the f*** are you doing? What the f*** are you doing?” as the clip comes to an end.

The 24-year-old can be heard telling the driver to “f*** off”

Officers watched the footage with Paige at Morecambe Police Station shortly after the incident, they told her there isn’t much they can do as the footage doesn’t prove who was driving and the microphone didn’t pick up the abuse.

Along with the video Paige, who is from Morecambe, detailed how shaken she was after the incident and explained the police response she received.

She posted: “Apologies for the swearing in the video, but this is what I had to deal with this morning.

“Spoke to the police and they can’t really do a lot annoyingly. Hopefully he does it again to someone and it gets logged again.

“Thanks to Brandon for calming me down just after it happened as I did shed a few tears. Not sure if I was angry or frightened, but oh well.”

Messages of support came flooding in, and many were criticising the Police for not planning to take any action – some even described their own encounters with this unidentified serial offender.

Many Facebook users commented in support of Paige

Becky Halpin said: “It looks like he was specifically targeting you, what an a*!”

Emma Louise Paton added: “What an absolute moron! Hope you’re ok! Can’t believe police can’t do anything clearly dangerous driving!”

Andy Creevy wrote: “There’s no way they can’t prosecute this, I’d write to the IPCC if they didn’t.”

Aimee McGough shared a photo of the same vehicle and said: “I had the same s with this little p* a few months back, unfortunately I couldn’t catch the little b** to smash he’s teeth down his throat!”

Vicky Elder commented: “Looks like the same car I tried to report for reckless driving. I didn’t have any footage and wasn’t able to make a note of the registration so the police couldn’t log it.”

Paige said police visited her house last night and said they were searching for the driver of the vehicle.

This comes after Zeeshan Matin punched victim Asif Ramzan in the face through his car window in road rage incident in Blackburn two months ago.

Police say enquiries are ongoing

Matin, 25, was spared jail after he knocked a tooth out of Ramzan’s mouth during a row over who had the right of way on Cromer Place, Blackburn.

The incident involved a Volkswagen Golf and a Honda Civic.

A spokesman from Lancashire Police said: “We were called around 9.20am yesterday (Thursday, October 18) following a report of Volkswagen Golf that had been seen driving erratically in the Euston Road area in Morecambe.

“The incident is believed to have taken place earlier in the day, around 7.30am.

“The Volkswagen Golf was seen between the area of Euston road and Lancaster Road.

“No-one was injured although enquiries are on-going to identify the driver of the Volkswagen.

“Lancashire Police take this kind of anti-social driving very seriously and would ask anyone that witnessed the incident or with information to contact police on 101 quoting log 0372 of October 18”

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