Hilarious moment dog pushes postie’s “could not deliver” card out of the catflap


HILARIOUS video shows a postie fail to deliver a “could not deliver” card – because the resident dog pushes it back out of the cat flap.

The clip shows Scott Brooks push the card through the letter box only for it to reappear seconds letter at the bottom of the door.

Scott, who was delivering in his home town of Ashford, Kent, says the grumpy pooch managed the amazing trick three times before “getting bored”.

The footage starts with the postman gingerly picking the card back up from the ground where the dog had placed it once already. The dog keeps poking its nose through the cat flap to bark at him.

He proceeds to put the card back through the letterbox and steps back to see if it remains there.

The dog has other ideas, however, and moments later emerges through the cat flap again with the card in its mouth and drops it outside.

The clip ends with Scott laughing at the incident as he walks back to get his card saying “Oi, put that back!” and the dog continues to bark.

Scott, 27, posted the video on Facebook last Thursday afternoon with the caption: “When you try to leave a card but the dog isn’t having any of it!”

Watched over 69,000 times, it has received a lot of online reaction with up to 262 comments and over 900 shares so far.

The dog returning the postman’s card

Social media users loved the cheekiness of the dog returning the card in this way.

Christina Davis said: “Omg that’s the best thing ever.”

Ingrid Waters wrote: “Keep the postie entertained for hours.”

Megan Finlay commented: “hahahah I love this.”

Sam Hubbard said: “This should go viral!”

Racheal Louise Garbutt wrote: “Hahaha I wish mine would do that with the junk mail!”

Scott joined in with some comments to his video, revealing that the dog did eventually give in.

Hollie H asked: “How many times before you won?”

Scott replied: “Hahaha 3. Think he got bored.”

Lewis Clark offered future advice to the postie if it happens again, saying: “Next time take a doggy treat haha, or duct tape the cat flap.”