Hilarity as Google claim legendary 80s singer Paul Young played bit part in Scottish comedy show


A HILARIOUS Google mix-up has resulted in legendary 80s singer Paul Young being wrongly credited with a bit part in a Scottish comedy series.

Fans of the hit show Still Game who google the cast are correctly told that the role of bat-eared eavesdropper Shug was played by Paul Young.

But the picture is of the Paul Young from Luton, Bedfordshire, who earned millions from hits such as Wherever I Lay My Hat and not the Edinburgh-born actor who actually portrayed Shug.

The bungle was found by Twitter user @williamb1912 who tagged various Still Game actors yesterday afternoon along with a confused-faced emoji.

The post was retweeted by Still Game star Greg Hemphill while comments on the mix-up included @easyleonard who said: “Wherever I lay my lugs.”

Tagging the singer Paul Young, @Girl_one said: “Here @PaulYoungParlez you never said you were moonlighting.”

All other actors appear to have been named correctly, including main characters Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill as well as Jane McCarry, Paul Riley and Mark Cox.

Even Gary Lamont, who is more known for his role in River City, was credited correctly for his appearance as a lawyer during the series.

English singer, Paul Young, 62, had top 10 hits with singles ‘Love of the Common People’, ‘Come Back and Stay,’ ‘Everything Must Change”.

“Wherever I Lay My Hat” made it to number one in 1983.

The 74-year-old Scottish actor Paul Young, was more known for his role in playing Shug in Still Game and was often referred to as “Shug the lug” due to his big ears.

He was also known for a stint on Scottish soap ‘Take the High Road’, and also appeared on Taggart.