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Shocking video shows “girls in charge of a horse try to wreck a driving test”

A DRIVING instructor has posted video of the moment she claims two girls in charge of a horse tried to wreck a driving test.

The girl on the horse appears to deliberately take the animal onto the road.

The footage, recorded during an actual test in London, shows the horse and rider stray into the road just as the learner approaches.

The female rider and her companion, who was “leading” the animal, seem totally unconcerned as they force the learner to stop.

The candidate waits patiently before taking off again only for the horse to come perilously close again as its owners decide to cross. A rear view camera shows the girls laughing as they start to cross and then turn back.

Amazingly, the learner, taking their test for the first time, managed to pass.

The instructor, who wishes to remain anonymous, decided to share the video on a Facebook dash cam group yesterday (tue) to show just how nerve-wracking her pupil’s test had been.

The instructor posted: “A driving test or how to kill a horse? Test was a first time pass with four driver faults.”

The clip starts off with the learner driver coming off a roundabout in the Thamesmead area of London.

As the learner approaches another roundabout, two young girls can be seen on the side of the road, one of whom is riding the horse.

The girl on the horse appears to deliberately take the animal onto the road.

Shortly afterwards a black BMW can be seen overtaking the learner and passing the girl and her horse.

The girl then appears to be on the road for a considerable amount of time forcing the driver to stay put.

As the other girl present appears to take the horse of the road, the learner can slowly begin to start moving again.

A Facebook user queried if the horse was drunk.

However, as they pass, the horse then begins to trot slowly back to the middle of the road again, but lucky does not crash into the car.

More footage which was taken looking out behind the car shows the girl on the horse appearing to smile.

Speaking today, the anonymous driving instructor said the actions were done on purpose.

The instructor said: “The actions of the children was deliberate to sabotage the learner. They were smiling sarkily, rather mischievously.

“They misbehave all the time. Very few of them have any common sense.”

The instructor also advised learners to be ready for these scenarios when they are taking the test, saying: “Learn to drive properly so you are able to handle these situations.”

One online viewer wrote: “Jesus that horse shouldn’t be on the road. I don’t think I’d of gone until the horse was completely gone though.”

Another commented: “P***-poor riding. Fair play to the learner driver though, they did well.

“Sometimes they don’t have the experience or awareness to deal with this as they are still learning to control the car let alone deal with unpredictable incidents.”

Another Facebook user said: “Was that horse drunk.”

Another user said: “No hi-viz or helmet on either person or horse. Horse clearly can’t be controlled. Where were they going anyway?”

Another user said: “All I will say is not very clever by those two young lasses. If I say any more than that I’ll have to delete my comment and mute myself.”

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