Hilarious moment dad loses the plot with son tormenting him over missed darts bet win


Scott captioned his post: “Do you think am annoying him?”

HILARIOUS footage shows a dad lose the plot with his son after he torments him about a lost £600 bet.

Stewart Craigie wanted to place a £300 bet on the darts at 2/1 but missed the chance because of a foul-up with his mobile.

And when Stewart’s unplaced bet came good, his 25-year-old son couldn’t resist adding to the pain by doing a very annoying dart’s commentator voice.

Stewart, 55, snaps and threatens to throw the TV remote at his head while branding him an “annoying b*“.

The clip was filmed at Stewart’s home in Edinburgh and uploaded to social media on Monday, since when it has been viewed almost 300,000 times.

Stuart,55, with 25-year-old Taxi driver son Scott

Scott captioned his post: “Do you think am annoying him?”

The video shows Virgin East Coast worker Stewart lying on the couch with his left hand covering his face.

Commentators from the television can be heard saying “48” which 25-year-old Scott mimics in a loud voice.

Taxi-driver Scott can then be heard saying, again in a loud voice “you require 72”.

An obviously fuming Stewart bellows: “Shut up!”

Undaunted, Scott starts saying the famous darts phrase: “One hundred and eighty.”

Stewart finally snaps and rages: “Scott you better f shut up or I’ll hurl this aff your heid.

“I’m f* telling ya, you annoying b that you are.”

Scott can then be heard laughing as the video ends.

Online Rhys Craigie responded: “Big beetroot heed.”

Steven Sibbald said: “Someone’s bet must be losing.”

Barry Hogg commented: “Mate a canny stop watching it.”

Jonny McGrory said: “Just trying to enjoy the darts, he’s fuming.”

@twowordsbaz commented: “That’s a healthy Scottish father and son relationship.”

Scott explained today that his dad had wanted to place a £300 bet on the darts using the phone.

“He couldn’t remember his password to put the bet on and it was winning easy so he was raging.”