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Why Herringbone Flooring is Handy


Homeowners are often eager to let their property make a statement, and nothing makes a perfect and timeless statement than herringbone wood flooring in a home. It’s a distinctive, handy flooring solution that leaves a lasting impression on guests, and for good reason.

Herringbone flooring gives a home a classic feel thanks to its parquet style of floor. Traditionally, a home with parquet floors evoked a style that’s reminiscent of the classic age. Today, it evokes more than style, and homeowners are keen to have these floors installed in homes. So what’s special about this floor?

The history of herringbone flooring

In the 1600s, parquet floors were a common sight. These floors were crafted from blocks of wood often arranged in a fishbone pattern, or herringbone. Installing these wooden blocks was done by hand, a tedious and slow process, but their esthetic value in homes far outweighed the daunting process.

Traditional parquet flooring makes use of smaller solid wooden blocks compared to what’s now used for herringbone flooring, but the similarities in design are the same. This is what makes it’s classic, popular.

These days, you can purchase parquet floors but in the form of engineered flooring. In other words, you choose a predesigned floor that looks as similar to the 17thCentury solid hand-made parquet floor, but with a(herringbone) design of your choice that meets all your flooring needs.

Benefits of herringbone wood floors

There’s no limit to the herringbone flooring designs and patterns you can choose for your home. So why consider this type of flooring anyway? What makes it is so popular among homeowners?

It’s given that its esthetic appeal tops the list. The physical appearance of this type of floor gives it an edge over other floors as it brings out a classic and timeless pattern that complement(draws in) rooms. So, yes, you can give your home a more urbane look to match the taste, style, and look of your home using the fishbone/herringbone patterns.

Another advantage of herringbone wood floors is, it is easy to keep them cleaned as all it takes is sweep off dirt, and mop away spills. That’s all. Like other engineered floors, they are designed with core layers that protect it from stains or absorbing spills.

Also, this type of flooring is hard-wearing. It lasts for years on end as long it is well maintained through routine cleaning and repairs if necessary. It’s not uncommon for engineered wood floors to last decades on end. They are as durable as the next piece of solid hardwood.

If you want rooms to maintain a classic style and retain the right proportions especially long and narrow corridors, the fishbone-patterned wood floors will achieve your style and objective easily. It’s considered the ideal flooring solution by many homeowners planning to re-floor their homes for a modern, chic and timeless feel that takes them back in time, in the 17th Century.