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“Harry Potter Falkirk edition” Moment lad throws himself at hotel wall recreating iconic scene

HILARIOUS footage shows the moment a Scottish lad replicate a famous scene from the Harry Potter films – by throwing himself at a wall.

Evan Boyle took the video showing himself and friends in what appears to be a hotel room when the young man decided to try out the act.

He is seen running across a bed and almost star jumping sideways onto the wall.

It is believed he was trying to replicate the infamous Harry Potter trademark where wizards run through the wall to enter the magical world at London Kings Cross train station.

The clip was posted to Twitter where it has racked up more than 51,000 views on social media.

The video begins with the man being seen trying to gear himself up, trying to think about what he’s just about to do.

He then darts across a bed which has two people lying on it.

It has been viewed over 51,000 times

The wannabe wizard manages to avoid crushing their legs and throws himself off the bed.

He spreads his arms and legs and flies towards the wall, making a loud thump on impact. Roars of laughter can then be heard.

Evan posted the clip to his Twitter page with the caption: “Harry Potter Falkirk edition.”

Social media has gone wild for the clip

Finley Collins responded online: “He’s a f****** m*****!”

Louise Mulligan commented: “Hahahahaha.”

In the Harry Potter franchise, it is widely known in order to catch the train to Hogwarts, you must ran through a wall, more commonly known as platform 9 and three quarters.

Needless to say he didn’t make it to Hogwarts

Last year, a prankster went viral after he jumped the queue at the infamous platform in Kings Cross station.

The man, known only as ‘Pascal,’ ran through the now very popular tourist attraction and straight into the wall.

He can then be heard saying, “F*** it’s closed” as other visitors look bewildered at what had happened.

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