“You are dead” Owner of of dog stabbed to death defending its home tearfully vows to get burglar



A HEARTBROKEN dog owner has filmed himself tearfully vowing to kill the burglar who stabbed his pet to death as it fought to defend his home.

Karl Bate revealed that his dog, Jake, left bite marks on the culprit who broke in on Thursday.

The “scumbag thief” retaliated by stabbing Jake and the dog died of its injuries on Monday.

Karl, from Wolverhampton, West Midlands, posted the same day: “Help wanted. My property was burgled on Thursday 24/01/2019 on Neachells Lane in Wednesfield.

“The low down scumbag thief stabbed my dog. As a result of his injuries he has today died 28/01/2019.”

He added: “If you knows anyone with bites that they can’t account for, or know who did this please get in touch.

“Someone somewhere knows who did this.”

Karl’s died after it was stabbed by burglars

“Please for once let’s use the power of Facebook for good and find whoever did this and get them brought to justice. Please share far and wide.

“This is Jake AKA the Spoon. RIP big buddy.”

Below his appeal Karl posted as picture of Jake.

In one of his filmed pleas for help, Karl looks into the camera with tears in his eyes: “Well guys this is a bit of bad news.

Karl made an emotional video vowing to find who killed his dog

“My dog that got stabbed died thirty minutes ago.

If you know who has done this, please tell me. Because I’m going to kill him.

“Please help me find the b who has done this.”

In the second video he says: “Jake died half an hour ago.

“So that motherf* who killed my dog, you better watch out, because I’m coming for you now.

Karl’s video has angered many people on social media

“You are dead.”

Facebook users posted below the appeal and videos expressing their sympathy to Karl, and sharing his posts.

Maxine Evans wrote: “Scumbags. Sorry for your loss.”

Karen Harwood said: “My heart breaks for you Karl. I can only imagine the pain you must be going through, It’s only natural to feel the way you do.”

Ann Bridges commented: “Scumbag is the operative word . Why do that to the poor dog?”

Stephen Baggy Bagby added: “Terrible, just terrible, why oh why?”