Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Gers Theft Auto – Eros Grezda trolled after snap shows him posing like character from gangster game

RANGERS star Eros Grezda has been trolled online for posing like a character for Grand Theft Auto.

An Instagram snap of the Albanian winger shows him wearing very expensive and trendy brown jacket and jeans and a smart-looking watch.

But it’s his power stance, deadpan stare and arms held out to the side that have caused hilarity.

Twitter user @scottberwick uploaded a picture of the 23-year-old Instagram picture with the caption: “Grezda posing for the cover of GTA VI: Glasgow Townhouse.”

The Albanian winger’s deadpan stare, power stance, and arms held out caused hilarity.

Another image posted by Scott shows how he managed to edit Grezda’s profile picture to look like the front cover of a GTA game, complete with the game’s infamous logo writing.

There was also multiple comments from Twitter users who found the picture hilarious.

Alan Daniels said: “He always looks like a Russian hitman.”

Ricky Menzies commented: “At least he has jeans that fit and has socks on.”

GTA VI: Glasgow Townhouse

Stew McIntyre said: “He’s basically the new Herrera, cutting about Scotland on holiday.”

Whilst uploading a picture of a character from the gaming franchise Twitter user ‘Blue Buffalo’ said: “Niko f Bellic.”

@psp35 wrote about the £2m star: “One day he will pose as a Rangers’ player and not a waste of money.”

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