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Woman warns violent ex released from jail and posts pictures of the injuries he inflicted

A DOMESTIC violence victim has warned women her ex-partner has been released from prison – together with pictures of the injuries he inflicted on her.

Gemma Henderson, from Dunfermline, Fife, wrote that Sean Nobile, whom she describes as a “junkie woman beater”, put her in hospital after attacking her at a hotel in February last year.

Gemma, a nursing assistant, posted pictures of the injuries, showing her face swollen and both eyes black and blue.

Above the pictures she wrote in a caption: “Two faced c***s sharing things about domestic abuse yet you’re friends with one on Facebook.

“Didn’t want to do this but I have no choice, the junkie women beater walking the streets after putting me in hospital.

Gemma Henderson, described ex Sean Nobile as a “junkie woman beater”.

“He’s just out after getting 13 months for jumping on my head.”

“I’ll pay any amount of money to get this c***’s address.”

Gemma posted two pictures of her injuries with her face extremely swollen.

Both her eyes can be seen to be black and blue, with other bruising visible even further around the area.

Last June, Sean Nobile appeared at Dunfermline Sheriff court on June 18, and was sentenced to 21 months in prison after admitting assault.

According to a local newspaper court report, he was said to have repeatedly punched a woman in the head, causing her to fall to the ground, and tried to prise her jaws apart, saying: “I’ll rip your jaw off”.

Facebook users commented on Gemma’s post with unanimous support, and condemnation of her former partner.

Last June, Nobile was sentenced to 21 months in prison for the assault.

Leah MacPherson wrote: “Don’t let him get to you Gemma he’s a disgusting human being.”

Mark Henderson said: “His day will come.”

Suzanne Hynd commented: “Holy s* hen what a mess you were in. Karma always catches up love, just bide your time.”

Toni Neill added: “F****** hell Gemma, never knew you went through that. What an absolute monster. Hope you’re ok love, you have a good man now and love seeing you happy.

Gemma herself also posted a final warning to other woman that enter a relationship with her violent ex, writing: “This was a year ago. I’m with a good guy now but for every c*** that has him, this is what he is.”

Asked to comment on Gemma’s claims, Police Scotland said they could not make any comment as no incident had been reported to them.

The couple were only together for two months.

Gemma today released messages from Nobile which range from threatening to self-pitying.

She said of their two-month relationship: “I was scared of him, I felt I couldn’t get away from it. He used to wait and hide behind my bins for me getting home from work and then attack me.”

She added: “His mum sent me a text, she seen all this on Facebook from what I posted before.

“She doesn’t want anything to do with him, none of his family want anything to do with him.”

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