Sickening picture shows cat bound with duct tape that may have been live bait for foxes


A SICKENING picture shows a cat that was bound with duct tape and left to die in an alley.

The cat, which only survived its terrible ordeal when it was spotted by a dog walker, may have been intended as live bait for foxes.

Donna Pullum raised the alarm on Tuesday morning while walking in Brentwood, Essex. An animal sanctuary worker went to the scene to cut the cat free before taking it to safety.

Wanderers Haven Animal Sanctuary in Upminster, Essex, posted: “Who actually does things like this? Disgusting. Taping his feet together and dumping him away from public view.”

The shocking image of the cat with its paws taped together was posted online

They explained: “One of our volunteers was walking her dog and cut through an alley and came across this cat with its front and back feet taped together.

“We think he had struggled from the bushes to the pathway. He had clearly tried to bite the gaffa tape off his front legs.”

“The gaffa tape was very thick and neatly wrapped around his feet.”

They said that the cat, which has been named Kelvin, “looks calmer today and has stopped trembling and cowering every time he sees someone”.

The cat only survived its terrible ordeal when it was spotted by a dog walker

They added: “When moving around his pen he doesn’t seem to have any obvious injuries.”

David, manager of the centre, said: “I don’t know how someone was possessed enough to tape a cat by its feet. It’s sickening. The tape was thick and neatly tied around the legs.

“It could have been for any reason such as bait for dogs or foxes or simply left to slowly starve to death. I simply don’t know.”

Referring to Donna, 38, from Upminster, he said: “One of our volunteers is a professional dog walker and she was walking one of her dogs along the pathway when he dog sniffed it out.

An animal sanctuary responded to the call and came out to cut the cat free

“She thought the cat was dead but when they got closer it started hissing and tried to runaway.”

David Malinowski responded online: “I honestly can’t believe this. Poor little guy.

“I hope he gets his confidence back soon. Someone will love him.”

Carol McIntyre posted: “Thank goodness for the kind lady who found him. Hope he recovers from this horrible ordeal. The cruelty to animals in this country leaves me speechless.”

The animal sanctuary have been providing online updates on the cat’s condition

Lisa Le Sage said: “I find all this cruelty to animals so disturbing. People are becoming so wicked it’s shameful.”

A spokeswoman for the RSPCA said: “We have been made aware of reports of a cat found with his front and back paws taped together in woodland in Kelvedon Hatch, Essex, on Tuesday.

“This would have been extremely distressing for this poor cat and we are very keen to find out any further information. If anyone has any details please contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.”

Last year it was reported that kitten was tied up and with duct tape and cable ties to be used by as bait for the abusers’ dog and ferret.

The kitten was found last May in a woodland between Unstone Green Chesterfield and the A61 at Sheepsbridge industrial estate in Derbyshire.

The police have said the the cat is living with a new owner and is now safe and well.