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NewsDramatic moment "hit-and-run" yob on quad bike takes corner on two wheels...

Dramatic moment “hit-and-run” yob on quad bike takes corner on two wheels before head-on crash

DRAMATIC footage shows a yob on a quad bike take a corner on two wheels before crashing head-on in to a car and writing it off.

Jessica Billingham, who was left shocked but uninjured, claims the lout then ran off without exchanging details.

The crash happened in Brierly Hill, Dudley, West Midlands, on Friday as Jessica, 21, and boyfriend Tommy Butters, 20, were heading to the shops.

Jessica, from Bobbington, Staffordshire, says she called police from the scene but claims no officers turned up.

Her mum, Claire Billingham, uploaded the footage the following day with the caption: “My daughter’s car was hit by an out-of-control quad bike.”

She added: “The car has been written off. I reported this at the police station this morning to be told that police do not have to stop for road traffic accidents.

“Police also said that without a registration they could not investigate the quad bike. To say I’m disappointed in our police would be an understatement.

“I am however extremely grateful to the wonderful people who assisted my daughter and waited with her until her dad reached her.

The yob hit Jessica’s car before running away

“The dash cam video didn’t interest the police but I thought I’d share it with the public as with no deterrent it’s simply a matter of time before he kills someone.”

The shocking footage shows the man speeding around the corner at speed attempting to turn the quad bike around without braking using his body.

The yob then realises his mistake and braces for impact with his friend following him behind him.

Ali Farr wrote under Claire’s post saying: “Absolute disgrace they could at least put his mugshot out there for all to see and if anyone can name him. Absolute w****r – makes me sick.”

Fay Fox said: “Omg God. I hope she’s ok. What an awful experience. Hopefully karma will catch up with him.”

Wendy Stokes added: “F*****g w****r. I’m so angry about this your poor daughter. I hope she’s ok sorry for swearing.”

Speaking today Jessica said: “We were both just shaken up but just glad that we’re both okay as it could have been a lot worse.

“I’m really grateful to the people who stopped to see we were okay and one lady waited with me until my dad managed to get to me which was really nice of her.

“There were two quad bikes, the one who crashed into me originally said to pull my car round off the main road and we’ll exchange details and get it sorted.

“He told me that his brakes weren’t working on his quad bike. But then when moving my car he ran off and didn’t come back.

He was very quick to disappear and he either took the bike with him or the other quad bike rider helped him.

Jessica and Tommy were left unharmed from the crash

“I was shocked that the police drove past after myself and other drivers tried to flag them down but can understand that they may have been on the way to another call.

“But I was disappointed that when we reported it the following morning that they weren’t even interested in seeing the footage or looking into it further without the registration.

“That’s why it was uploaded on social media and many people have reported that they often drive around there in the road and have nearly caused accidents and have been a nuisance.

“I’m not criticising the police as I know they’re understaffed and don’t have enough support but I feel this is more than just a road traffic accident.

“It was a crime and without it being investigated it’s another accident waiting to happen.”

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