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Why Drunk Purchases Are Becoming A Booming Industry

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People even without a little intoxication often make ridiculous purchases online. But if you add a little alcohol to the mix, surveys have shown that individuals make even more purchases. Many things that are bought when people are drunk are things that they mostly wanted but do not need.

According to Mashable, most drunk purchases are made through Amazon who controls the market share while followed by eBay with 21% and Esty at 12 %. But why do so many people rush to Amazon while buying these things? Why has it eclipsed almost all other online stores?

The Amazon mobile app has made it incredibly convenient for people to easily buy something. With Amazon now using push notifications like Facebook you can think quickly now of sales the moment they go live.

Imagine you are having your evening glass of wine or a couple of beers, and then suddenly you get a notification that Amazon has a 50% off sale on something that you had no interest in buying but had thought about purchasing before. In your drunken stupor, you are more likely to go to the store and make it yours.

Push notifications are becoming the go-to inform of advertising for many companies and Amazon is no exception. It is a form of intrusive advertising and try as you may, it is tough to ignore them. With your browsing history and cache already at these company’s disposal, they know exactly what you are looking for and can display it to you at the most “convenient time.”

But these companies don’t just rely on apps and push notifications; they have also devised one of the best tools for sporadic buyers; quick shipping.

Amazon has a two-day delivery system. It gives you very little time to rationalize and cancel an order. The shorter waiting period builds your anticipation for the product, just like this essay help academic service does.

A few years ago, you would have to wait for even two weeks for a delivery to be made. During this period, you would have a decent opportunity and options to return the product or cancel the purchase. But with just two days to wait this is no longer possible.  Amazon has attested that since they reduced the wait time, they have seen drastic reductions in cancellations or returns.

But this trend goes beyond just the marketing efforts by these companies, a large part of it is attributed to how we live today. Due to how expensive it is to go out drinking in clubs today, many people would buy alcohol instead and sit at home.

With more and more people ending up a single in the US or are choosing to be single, more and more people are becoming indoor drinkers. Stress and anxiety also play a significant role in increasing indoor drinking as well.

As you take a sip of your drink, you are more likely to go to online stores and social media to keep yourself busy. It creates the perfect opportunity for you to make these purchases, through boredom or excitement.

If you thought social drinking would be the answer, think again. Social pressure also has a big part to play in this trend. Meaning, even if you are a loner drinker and just like to have a few pints with your buddies you may end up making some drunk purchases.

Pressure from your friends often escalates while drinks are involved and human nature to fit in, or show you are at the same financial level as them may drive you to buy while drunk.

Amazon is the go-to as it offers almost all kinds of things in their store. Whatever you are looking at you will find it on Amazon. Even things that you feel you would not find anywhere else; the odds are this online mogul has them in stock.

What Are the Stats?

The report from Mashable indicates that each who partakes in alcohol in America spends around $400 each year on drunk purchases. This number goes up depending on how social an individual is, and how much money they make.

People who are less social while drinking has been recorded to make more purchases while drunk. Although, people in the upper middle class have been seen to buy more expensive novelty items as well.

No matter how you look at it, alcohol can play a significant role in how you spend money. This correlation is even more visible when it involves online purchases.

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