Aldi selling Christmas Eve Box – in May

An eagle eyed shopper spotted the boxes piled high in a Bury supermarket.

AN astounded Aldi shopper has discovered the supermarket is selling a Christmas product – in early May.

Andy Bruce spotted a pile of Christmas Eve Boxes cut in price from £20 to £8.

The 30-year-old from Bury, Greater Manchester, found the bizarre offering in the Crostons Retail Park branch in the town on Friday.

He posted a picture online and asked the retailer: “Seriously @AldiUK??”

Aldi responded: “Never too early to start preparing for Christmas, Andy!”

Aldi’s social media team made light of the blunder.

@petertasker commented and said: “Must be reduced from last Christmas, cause it’s not even BBQ season yet!”

Aldi declined to comment.

Speaking today, Andy said: “I had to double take as I walked past, and pretty much just thought ‘Seriously? It’s May! This is ridiculous.’

“I sent the picture to my sister and my husband who were both also in disbelief.”

Last week a confused shopper spotted discount retailer, Poundland, selling ‘Santa please stop here’ doormats alongside their Mother’s Day products for £1.

After posting the image in the Poundland Appreciation Facebook page some users confessed to have buying the accessories.

Lorraine Dowler wrote: “This Christmas malarkey is getting earlier and earlier every year.”