Second hand shopping so ‘Hot Right Now’


SHOPPERS in Glasgow had to take a second glance when they thought they spotted singer Rita Ora browsing second hand stores while in the city for her performance at the SSE Hydro this week.

Stunned shoppers did a double take as they thought the glamorous singer, renowned for her bright, bold and colourful style, browsed fashion and accessories at Revolve Recycle stores.

And earlier this month some thought actor Hugh Jackman was also checking out items more akin to his Barnum character in The Greatest Showman at The Salvation Army and Bike for Good stores in the city.

However, all was not as it seemed as dead ringers for the stars roamed the shops instead as part of a stunt orchestrated by government-funded body Zero Waste Scotland.

Rita Ora lookalike

During the shopping spree, ‘Rita’ and ‘Hugh’ were clocked admiring a variety of items from leather jackets, music and jewellery to unicycles and top hats.

The shots of the convincing look-a-likes were captured as part of a ploy to change perceptions of second hand shopping and showcase the quality and variety of pre-loved items in Revolve certified second hand stores.

The stunt aimed to demonstrate that no matter your budget second hand shopping offers the same high street retail shopping experience.

The Revolve certification from Zero Waste Scotland gives consumers peace of mind that second hand shops have been assessed for safety, quality and cleanliness.

Hugh Jackman lookalike

Wendy Russell, project manager at Revolve Recycle, said: “There were more than a few shocked faces and plenty of double takes when a professional Rita Ora look-a-like popped into our store.

“The singer is known for her strong fashion looks so it was a great opportunity to demonstrate you can shop for the same high street styles in second hand stores.

“Customers can easily find unusual or not on the high street items, as well as more regular choices. Every store has different goods adding to the excitement of shopping.”

New figures reveal increasing numbers of Scottish shoppers are turning their back on the big high street names with more than half of consumers (55%) saying they consider buying second hand before purchasing new items.

A recent survey commissioned by Zero Waste Scotland, the organisation behind Revolve, showed that 52% of Scots agree second hand stores are a great place to find exciting items.

While 48% of Scots already agree shopping second hand is important to save the environment, 43% of Scottish customers also associate shopping second hand as fun, 28% exciting and 25% cool, and only 13% of Scottish shoppers associate the second hand shopping experience as embarrassing.

New terminology is also helping shoppers view second hand more positively, with a third of Scots describing stores selling re-used items as pre-loved, vintage and retro, helping alleviate the stigma often associated with the term second hand.

Iain Gulland, Chief Executive, Zero Waste Scotland, said: “The quality and experience when shopping second hand is increasingly rivalling high street stores you might spot your favourite stars in. Not only are there environmental and budget benefits, but second hand stores are full of hidden treasures and one of a kind items you wouldn’t find on the high street.

“We want to show shoppers that the Revolve certification guarantees customers an experience that matches traditional high street retailers in quality, choice and ease.”

Currently, there are 149 Revolve certified nationwide offering a wide range of pre-loved items from clothes and furniture to white goods and bikes.

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