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Amp Up Your Looks with These Short Hair Styles for Black Women In 2019


Women who rock short hairstyles have some characters that we all admire. These women are confident and fierce. That is what it takes to rock short haircuts freely. Short hair offers you a sense of power that you cannot feel when wearing long, boring hairdos.

And most importantly is that- short hairstyles will never go out of version. When you are tired of long hairstyles, and you need something low maintenance, you definitely go back to short hair. Without a doubt, short hair styles save you a lot of time and money. We have assembled some of the cutest short haircuts for black women in 2019 that will motivate you to try something different. Have a look here for inspiration.


  • Short Blonde Hairstyle.


This short hairstyle for black women appears stunning with shaggy curls at the top of the head. You can achieve the curls y use of a curler or hair rollers. However, ensure that the curls are twisted to create volume for the hair. 

The hairdo can effortlessly be transformed into a mohawk by shaving the hair on the sides of your head.


  • Short Natural Hair and Cute Twists.


Styling the hair at the sides sleek and then guiding the twists to the top will give you a style that is not only unique but impressive.

You can opt to use highlights to revamp your short hair rather than going overboard. Honey and golden highlights appear great on ladies with dark skin.


  • Curly and Light Pixie Haircut.


This one of the amazing short hair styles for black women worthy trying this year. You can shade it in different colours for a fantastic result. However, this style is not for the faint-hearted since incorporating colours makes the hairstyle too striking.

 You can get this style easily, regardless of your complexion. Just make sure the hair remains moisturised all the time.


  • Natural Curls.


This short curly look is an excellent short hair style for black women who are usually busy and don’t have enough time to style their hair in the morning. Caramel, honey, and blonde highlights give the curls more live.


  • Ash Blonde Mohawk.


You will agree with me that women with mohawk rock many adore them. Mohawk gives you a unique and fascinating style that is sure to steal the show, especially if you colour it in ash blonde. However, this haircut needs you to be bold enough to rock it. Are you the type? Well, there you go, dear! 


  • Short Pixie Hairstyle.


There are many short hair styles for black women, but this is most admired. The reason is pretty obvious; the haircut is ridiculously easy to maintain. You will not have to spend hours styling it, and therefore, save time. 


  • Curly Blonde Bob.


We like this curly bob with cute highlights since it is beautiful and also easy to style. Besides, the haircut is pretty versatile and can be worn on various occasions. This is an ideal hair shade for women who want to rejuvenate their dull curls.


  • Grey Mohawk And Shaved Sides.


Some decades ago, grey hair was a symbol of advanced age, but things have since changed, and it is no longer seen as such. The young generation is embracing the grey, and you will be surprised that everyone is loving it. Do you want to try this stunning and chic trend? Join the bandwagon today. 


  • Black and Blonde.


Short hair styles for women with dark skin can also be romantic and sexy, especially if you incorporate two contrasting shades such as blonde and black. The blonde colour highlight is recommended for ladies who are looking to achieve an entirely new and fresh look.


  • Blonde Pixie Cut.


Few women will be courageous enough to wear this look. However, did you know that you can also be sexy and more feminine by rocking a pixie cut? Headbands are the best way to hold up your short hair style.