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Why Texas is Attracting So Many Tourists from Europe


When you think of cities and states that appeal to out-of-country tourists, usually Washington D.C, Las Vegas, and New York come to mind. Dallas and the whole of Texas, however, have found a way into the hearts of travelers from all over Europe. Tourism to Texas is increasing at a substantial rate from all over Europe, and we have a good idea as to why. Here are a few of the incredible attractions that bring in travelers from nearby and abroad. 

Image: Pixabay/12019
  • Experience a Wealth of Culture

The Dallas Museum of Art is world renowned for its exhibits that take visitors across cultures from all over the globe. It’s one of the 10 largest art museums in America and was established over 100 years ago. The more than 24,000 art exhibits span across 5,000 years of history. General admission to the museum is even free with a fee for any special exhibits. Plus, it’s in a great location less than 7 miles from many incredible places to stay and live like the luxury apartments at Park Lane. 

  • Check Out the Stars

When you’re sitting under a night sky in Texas away from the big lights of the city, magical things happen. There are a few select spots for stargazers to see the stellar sights, including Enchanted Rock, the 2nd largest granite dome in existence. The location is also a spooky attraction for sight-seers of the paranormal variety. The indigenous Native tribes thought the area was haunted and held mystical powers over anyone who visited. 

  • Eat Like Nowhere Else in the World

The unique dining experience in Texas brings tourists from all over. Whether you’re tackling Texas’ world-famous burgers at Swift’s Attic in Austin or the Blue Ribbon Burger in San Antonio, or you’re taking in authentic Czech cuisine from 19th-century immigrant at Weikel’s in La Grange, you can’t go wrong. 

  • Become One with Nature

If you want to get out and explore, there’s no better place than Texas. It’s larger than entire countries like France and Germany, and it has the landmarks and RV parks to attest to it. Big Bend National Park is one of the most massive parks in the United States coming in at over 800,000 acres. It has trails that wind all the way to the Santa Elena Canyon that borders the U.S and Mexico. Texas’ landscapes never cease to amaze.