Friday, July 1, 2022
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CHILDREN’S SHOWS – Celeste’s Circus

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Celeste’s Circus wasn’t a circus as such, the performance featured a circus, but on the whole it was more like a puppet show.

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The host of the show, “Celeste”, played the part of a smiley French entertainer, taking the audience on a trip to her little cardboard circus. The French accent she maintained was obviously fake, but nobody in the audience seemed to mind.

She also managed to maintain focus even as some of the younger children became restless. One of them even almost crawled up onto the stage chasing a bubble. Come what may, “Celeste” remained undeterred and undistracted, continuing with her performance as if nothing else was happening.

Though perhaps a little more interaction with the audience was needed to help keep the children’s focus. There were times when she seemed almost detached, and while it helped her not to become distracted, it may have also worked against her a little as well.

This performance definitely has younger children in mind, with all its fun little puppets, bubbles and fake French accents. It certainly brought a smile to the young faces in the audience, and maybe one or two of the parent’s too.

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