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THEATRE – Lobster at Underbelly Bristo Square

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that the modern online dating scene is a cesspool dominated by dick pics, ghosters, breadcrumbers and other unsavoury characters.

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Tinder has created a dating platform where connection has been commodified and the lack of face to face communication allows us to project whatever we want onto the profile in front of us.

Polly, who is newly-single and obsessed with anthropology, ventures into the dating pool looking for her Lobster. But her naiveté is quickly put to the test when she is faced with the reality of modern online dating.

One potential candidate for ‘The One’ emails her a bullet point list of feedback after their date while another abruptly ghosts her after several dates. Meanwhile there are dozens of others who simply stick to requesting nudes in lieu of saying hello.

Gemma Harvey is endearing as the optimistic Polly and her energetic performance carries the show as she interacts with the dating profiles projected onscreen. Audiences will find her experiences relatable as the writing is based on real life dating stories.

The play also addresses the realities of family and societal pressure to settle down as well as our own expectations of life. The witty dialogue also touches on the weird obsession society seems to have with women’s fertility.

Online dating can be a savage experience but is often also hilarious and Loquitur Theatre’s production maximises the fun aspect of modern single life portrayed by bright pink lighting and a good use of multimedia to support Harvey’s performance. 

Despite Polly’s rosy outlook the play takes a dark turn onto the practice of stealthing – removing a condom without your partner’s knowledge, invalidating their consent – is sudden and intensely  depressing.

In fact, despite Polly’s humour and optimism, her experiences are enough to put you off Tinder and dating forever.

By the end of her journey we’re not sure if Polly will be able to help herself from returning to her swipe-happy ways but the news that soon over fifty percent of daters will find their significant other online means that maybe her experiences won’t just be relatable- they’ll be the future.

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