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EntertainmentCOMEDY - Lee Ridley aka LOST VOICE GUY at Gilded Balloon

COMEDY – Lee Ridley aka LOST VOICE GUY at Gilded Balloon

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FORMER Britain’s Got Talent winner, Lee Ridley aka LOST VOICE GUY, has brought a magnificent show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, bringing laughter to many without making a sound himself. 

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Living with cerebral palsy and communicating through a speaking machine, his method of comedy is truly unique and his delivery is sheer brilliance.  

The central theme of his comedy surrounds disability and the impact it has had on his life. The focal issue was losing his voice, and he hilariously describing every way he has tried to find it again. 

He also joked about his upbringing in Newcastle with his parents and about his time in the disability school he went to, which today are more commonly known as special needs schools. He shared funny anecdotes about the shenanigans that he and his friends got up to, leaving the audience in tears of laughter.

Speaking of his time before his experience on Britain’s Got Talent, he joked that he was part of a Steps tribute act that were called ‘Ramps’ and pretended that the microphone didn’t work when the songs started.

Through his sensational humour he provided a strong message that disability does not have to hold anyone back – telling his audience that his disability has given him opportunity to bring joy to many throughout the country, including those at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

 This show is definitely worthy of having a top spot on your fringe to-do list. 

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