COMEDY – Not Quite Mass at Finnegan’s Wake


STEVE BENNETT is the hilarious Irish comedian who is presenting and hosting the show – Not Quite Mass. He shares the spotlight with a line-up of other Irish comedians who all take 5 to 10 minutes to entertain the audience with their top-class comedy.

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On Monday (20 Aug) Steve was joined by Rory O’Hanlon, Aidan Greene, Gearóid Farrelly and Edwin Sammon, all of whom brought their own unique jokes and sense of humour.

Apart from Edwin Sammon, the other comedians all have their own shows at this years Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Not Quite Mass begins with Steve Bennett welcoming the audience looking like a very ginger and very Irish priest.

His quick wit is exceptional and engaging. He creates off the cuff humour from the audience almost as if it was scripted.

He displays his musical talents, playing a song that he created about the struggles of life, continuously stopping to add a little bit extra to the already hilarious lyrics.

His quick wit and auction-caller voice rolled off his broad Irish accent – which often alone would leave some of the audience members in stitches.

Steve then gave way to Rory O’Halloran. Rory’s jokes were centred on Scottish people and how people in Scotland are different from anyone anywhere else in the world – including how Scottish people are different to each other.

Needless to say the great Edinburgh Glasgow divide came up, and Rory’s tale of a conversation with a Glaswegian father and son was a highlight gag.

Following Rory, Steve introduced Aidan Greene to the stage. Aidan initially struggles to get a word out before revealing that he has a stammer. He fantastically turns this entrance around and pokes fun at himself with great success.

Aidan’s niche is comedy about stammering and it went down very well with the audience.

Following Aidan, it was the turn of Gearóid Farrelly – a very excitable comedian who worked the room well.

Gearóid spoke of his experience bargain shopping in the city of Edinburgh and the hilarious stories of losing a bit more than he bargained for.

He also spoke of his partner and dogs, of which they have one but not one exactly to his taste.

The final comedian to take the stage was Edwin Sammon. Edwin’s main topic was his single life going into his 50s and his experience dating – mature language included.

Albeit in short spaces of time, these comedians make for a truly entertaining show that has the potential to be very vividly remembered. This show is definitely worth checking out.