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Three ways to improve your landing page to make it convert


Have you been struggling to make your landing page converting one? You have heard dozens of success stories of online entrepreneurs who say that a sound landing page was like a remedy for their business and it helped it thrive? Yet – your landing page is not that good. And it bothers you quite a lot, doesn’t it?

In fact, a landing page can really be a very powerful tool but it has to be used properly. Sometimes you have to try out some versions to find a perfect one for your business. Other times you need to add some improvements to make it effective and converting.

However, most importantly – you should never rest on your laurels and think that your landing page doesn’t need attention. You need to improve it on regular basis as the digital marketing world is not standing still and new ideas are born every day. So what are the ways to improve your landing page?

Change your landing page template

If you created your landing page with a landing page builder, chose one landing page template and did not really see the difference in your conversions or sales try to use another landing page template or adjust the one you already have. I know sometimes it is difficult to admit you were wrong but even if a landing page template is nice it may not go along with your business.

Think about what you offer to your customers and give your landing page a look that your potential customers will be fond of even if you don’t really consider it most beautiful option. Your landing page has to be compatible with your solution as otherwise customers feel confused and don’t really trust neither your product nor you.

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Use some marketer tools

If you think your landing page template is just perfect maybe you should focus on adding some touches of best marketer tools which quickly and easily make your landing page look more professional and trustworthy. Hence, they can help you with conversions and building trust.

The marketer tools can be found online and they enable you to improve your photos or pictures by adding special effects, enlightening them, adding contrast or far more! They also help you create any design that is born in your head like banners or cute little ads you can use on your landing page. Make use of them and give your landing page a professional look!

Add a pop up on your landing page

Pop ups are usually not associated with favourable experience but if you add them in a savvy way that will not drag people away but get them even more interested, it may really make a huge difference for your product or service. With popups you may offer something special for your customers or encourage them to take a certain action that will be beneficial both for you and for them.

If you prepare a popup that will not be very intrusive and difficult to close („where is the exit button?”) they won’t harm anyone. And they are actually easy to implement as you can use pop up maker to create them, simply copy the code on your landing page and then just observe the number of subscribers going up 😉