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Sneakers and Luxury: Pairs that Maintain Perfect Harmony Between the Two

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Although it isn’t a secret to those who are well versed with designer brands, a lot of people actually don’t know that some of the top luxury brands in the world also make beautiful sneakers. Just like you would expect from a brand like Gucci or Givenchy for example, every one of the following sneakers come with the same craftsmanship that we have come to expect from Espadrilles, Oxfords, and Derbys released by the same designers. Let’s take a look.

Gucci White Ace Sneakers

Gucci was one of the first designer brands to get into the sneaker business, and it has since then become one of the most prolific names in the luxury sneaker market.

Although it carries some of the same design language, the main difference between the Gucci Ace and New Ace line is in their height and overall profile. The New Ace is a slightly more expensive version of the original Ace, and the premium is worth it because they just look cleaner, more up-to-date with the latest fashion trends, and there’s even an elastic version for those who hate tying shoelaces!

The entire New Ace line is worth checking out, especially if you want something that’s a bit trendier than the traditional Ace line, but less subtle than the Rhytons from Gucci. 

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

Givenchy Black Elastic Urban Knots Sneakers

These Givenchy sneakers ooze class, luxury and style more than most other designer sneakers available on the market. As a matter of fact, the Givenchy Black Elastic Urban Knots is so clean and monochromatic, that it can be easily worn in semi-formal occasions, without clashing with appropriate outfits.

The Givenchy Black Elastic Urban Knots can be found on high end retailer sites like SSENSE, which comes highly recommended. SSENSE also has the whole range of Givenchy sneakers for customers to choose from, and just in case you prefer the neon branding on the Black Signature Low Light Tennis, or the Black Allover Logo Urban Knots’ wavy branding, the luxury store has them too, and a lot more.

Prada High-Top Knit Sneakers

The most popular colorway for the Prada High-Top, Knit Sneakers is the Black & White, and it’s a great choice too. Prada is famous for minimalistic sneakers that stand in stark contrast with the oversized, but unique Balenciaga sneakers. 

While the high-top sneakers from Prada does follow the minimalistic approach, it is gorgeous in its absence of excess, and very few designer sneakers can match the elegance that it brings to the luxury sneaker market.

The only two logos on the high tops are on the back and on the outer side of each shoe, but even they are subtly blended in, which can only be seen when you look closely enough

Of course, if you don’t want the knit high-tops, they are available as low tops as well, and then there is the classic white Cassetta Platform too. They do have a wide collection of sneakers, and you can hardly ever go wrong with a Prada!

Saint Laurent White Leopard Print Andy Sneakers

If you like leopard prints but would also prefer to keep your sneakers from losing their identity, the White Leopard Print Andy sneakers come highly recommended.

What makes it different from the Black & Pink Zebra Print Venice is that the Andy sneakers do not lose their identity of being a sneaker first. The almost all-white design is minimalistic, but with a touch of the flair, for which Saint Laurent is widely revered. The laces and the back of the sneakers are a dark leopard print, which complements the white body that’s present everywhere else with perfect contrast.

Alexander McQueen White & Black Velvet Spray Oversized Sneakers

The White & Black Velvet Spray is arguably everything that a man could possibly want in his premium pair of sneakers and yet it’s so different from everything else that even Alexander McQueen has to offer.

The meeting point of the black and white is so masterfully done in a spray-painted pattern, that it’s hard to tell whether the Velvet Spray has a white body with a black spray, or vice-versa!

The oversized 1.25” sole, on the other hand, isn’t as prominent as on the Balenciaga sneakers, but there’s enough to keep it on-trend with the surging popularity of oversized sneakers.

As an alternative option with a more minimalistic approach, you can check out the Exclusive White & Blue from Alexander McQueen, which has the same oversized shoe design, but sports a much brighter look with its blue incandescent leather tab on the back.

There are certainly a lot of other premium designer sneakers to choose from, but these few are each highly recommended because they have that familiar feeling of exclusivity which comes naturally with shoes from designer brands, but while staying true to the basic idea behind making a pair of comfortable and stylish sneakers.

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