Two brothers tease an unfortunate driver after seeing his car suspended in the air by the weight of his trailer


A HILARIOUS video shared online shows the moment two brothers laugh uncontrollably after seeing a car being suspended in the air by the weight of its trailer.

The video shows the two brothers breakdown in hysterics as they drive alongside the suspended car which is being aided by a forklift.

The video was captured in Slane, County Meath on Monday morning by Shane and Robbie Nolan, two carpenters from Dublin.

Shane shared the duos antics to Facebook on Monday afternoon, captioning the post: “Some laugh out on the truck today.”

The video shows Shane, 23, and his brother Robbie, 26, travelling down a road when they spot a car raised in the air by its trailer.

The car’s back two wheels dangle in the air as a teleporter forklift can be seen trying to aid the driver by balancing the weight.

As the two brothers move towards the incident, Robbie can be heard saying: “Look at this f****** wet brain bro.”

The two then stop alongside the driver, Robbie then says: “Alright bro, where did you get your bleeding licence? In a f****** lucky bag?”

The two then break down in hysterics as the man angrily makes a move for the two of them as they quickly drive away.

The post has been met with thousands of comments and shares, raking in almost one million views since it was posted.

Shane and Robbie were in stitches at the scene

Serena Butler commented: “I can’t stop watching this it’s his laugh that has me in knots.”

Tomy Myatt commented: “In a f****** lucky bag.”

Claire Downey said: “Special kind of cabbage to manage that.”

Coly Meehan also said: “I’ve watched some amount of time now Robbie, it gets funnier every time you watch it.”

Hundreds of others tagged others in the comments, alerting them to the hilarious video and also the hilarious laugh that Shane lets out.

Speaking today, Shane said: “It was just my brother and I driving along and we saw him and started laughing saying how did he manage that, then we turned around and my brother just thought it would be funny to get a video.

“We thought it was just a bit of friendly banter didn’t think he’d react the way he did. We saw that he was angry so we just drove. After we recorded it we had to pull up the road and have a laugh it was that funny.”

When asked about the position the driver had got himself in, Shane said: “To be honest I haven’t a clue how he managed to get himself in that situation. He must have had too much weight in his trailer and turned the corner at some speed.I’m almost certain the teleporter was there to help him.”