Hilarious snaps show what happened when baby video messaged mum’s boyfriend five times in a few minutes


A WELDER was startled to get video messaged five times in a few minutes – by an 11-month-old baby.

Hilarious pictures show how little Isabella Davison got hold of her mum’s mobile and, despite her tender years, got straight on social media.

Isabella, from Chester-le-Street, County Durham, managed to video message her mum’s boyfriend, Thomas Donnelly.

Screenshots show how the baby even sent Thomas, 19, her first text, which read: “X cvjl yfjlkorioyp.”

The original tweet, highlighting their daughters ability to video call.

Thomas sent the screenshots to Maisey Davison, 19, who shared them on social media, writing: “I let my daughter play with my old iPhone when she tries to grab mine and she’s managed to go on my recent [chats] and facetime my boyfriend back.”

She followed this with two crying emojis before adding: “Screaming.”

The tot made video calls lasting two minutes and eight seconds, 42 seconds, two of nine seconds each, and six seconds.

She also sent random pictures from Maisey’s mobile to a very amused Thomas.

@Nicolecaddyx wrote under Maisey’s post: “I can’t deal with how cute her little face is. Broody as hell.”

The call log left by the baby.

@edavey103_ added: “She looks so confused and he looks so happy.”

@anya_measures said: “This is adorable.”

@LucyBaines1410 commented: “She’s actually the cutest ever.”

Speaking today Maisey said: “She’s never done this before. We laughed for a good ten minutes.”