Terrifying moment biker stands on his machine on M40 doing 50mph


TERRIFYING footage captures a reckless motorcyclist standing on his bike while speeding down the fast lane of the M40.

The masked rider is seen straddling around on his bike racing down the busy motorway and standing with one knee on the bike with his other leg in the air.

Matt Houston, from Hillingdon, filmed the motorcyclist  driving dangerously down the M40 just after the Denham Roundabout which the A40 merges onto.

The driver was caught making the dangerous manoeuvres on Saturday while Matt was driving to visit family with his children.

Thames Valley Police have confirmed no-one was arrested and asking for witnesses to come forward.

Matt, a truck driver, uploaded the clip to Facebook the same day captioned with: “D***head going down A40 going to get himself hurt.”

The dashcam films the dangerous driver with his knee on the bike moving his right leg onto the side of the vehicle.

He then balances himself for a bit before clamber up onto both of his feet and crouches over the handlebars leaning forward as he accelerates while balancing himself in the dangerous position.

He is forced to slow down as a lorry pulls into the same lane, which forces his shoulders to roll as he goes over a small bump to stay balanced.

A voice can be heard asking: “Where is he going?” Another says: “Oh my God.”

The daredevil took his foot off his bike

The clip ends with the motorcyclist speeding up and moving into the left hand lane.

Tim Wright wrote under Matt’s post: “Idiot will get hurt one day and then he realises he’s not the big after all. He looks like  he is about to fall.”

Duncan McDonald said: “Nice attitude, hopefully a driver never thinks that when they see you kids out and about.”

Kevin West wrote: “Looks like within the M25. That’s normal in that area as most motorists are completely stupid.”

Gaz Honeybone joked: “He’s maybe got piles.”

Speaking today, Matt said: “I was on my way to visit the family with children in my car. I was horrified to see this idiot putting his and others’ lives at risk because if he came off it would have caused a smash.

“He was doing around 50mph, he almost came off just after filming this. He had to swerve into the cross hatch area to avoid that truck as he went to go down it’s inside as the truck came back in to the lane.

“I’ve been truck driving for 15 years and I spend a lot of time on the roads. It doesn’t get much more dangerous at that speed on those thin tyres, it’s definitely up there with one of the stupidest things I seen.”

A spokeswoman for Thames Valley Police said: “No arrests have been made. Anyone with information can contact police on 101, or make a report online, quoting reference 545 7/12.”