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NewsUnreconstructed Yorkshireman unveils girlfriend's real Xmas presents - including mop, loo brush...

Unreconstructed Yorkshireman unveils girlfriend’s real Xmas presents – including mop, loo brush and rubber gloves

AN unreconstructed Yorkshireman bought his girlfriend cleaning equipment for Christmas – and it wasn’t a joke.

Javed Easton beautifully wrapped the gifts, which comprised a sweeping brush, mop, dustpan and brush, rubber gloves, a toilet brush and an ironing board cover.

He then filmed Chloe Hartshorne’s reaction as she opened the door to the kitchen on Christmas Day.

A crestfallen Chloe can be heard saying: “Are you kidding me?” Later on social media, she complained: “F****** sick of this s***.”

Javed, 40, explained that the couple had just bought a house together in Normanton, West Yorkshire, and set a budget of just £100 each for presents.

Javed, a gas engineer, also pointed out that he stretched his budget to include a pair of earrings. Chloe, 28, an occupational therapist, got Javed hotel vouchers.

In the video, Javed can be heard saying: “Right you can come see your presents!”

The door to the kitchen then opens and Chloe can be seen standing with her arms folded staring blankly at Javed.

Javed asks: “What’s up with you?”

Chloe then says: “Are you kidding me?”

Javed then laughs and says: “No!”

Javed pans the camera around to show a pile of neatly wrapped and placed Christmas which are very obviously cleaning products.

The gifts included a toilet brush, ironing board cover and a mop.

He then says: “I think they will come in handy, them.”

Javed then shared the video onto Facebook and captioned his post: “Why treat the lady in your life to a Michael Kors, when she can have a Michael Floors.”

Chloe shared a picture of her presents on Facebook, writing: “F***** sick of this s**.”

Chloe, a Liverpool, then took revenge on her Spurs-supporting beau by buying a book detailing her side’s Champions League victory over the London team.

Viewer Mike Skinner said: “You’ll probably get more use out of them in your new bachelor’s pad!”

Pictured: Chloe and Javed.

Jonny Jah Junglist commented: “I’d of launched em out the window.”

Amanda O’donnell also said: “I’d of killed ya hahaha.”

Emme Taylor then posted: “Love it.”

Speaking today, Javid said: “We both share a good sense of humour together, so she took it well. She’ll plan on getting me back, but she kind of got me back in a way with the book.

“She just knew I was gonna play a trick on her, but didn’t know what it would be. I had them hidden in my work van.”

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